Human Potential Running Series Becomes Only Major Race Series in The World to Host Full Calendar of Events in 2020

December 14, 2020

Colorado based trail and ultra-marathon series hosts their full calendar of events in 2020, zero cancellations, despite Covid-19 pandemic.

Arvada, CO – On Saturday December 12th Colorado’s Human Potential Running Series (HPRS) successfully hosted their final event of 2020 in Golden, CO. Even though the participation limit for their Sawmill Trail Runs was reduced from 200 to 75 runners, it marked the completion of hosting their full schedule of events in 2020 despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. They now stand alone as the only major race series in the World to not cancel a single event despite the ongoing pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the running scene especially hard this year as mass participation events all across the world were cancelled. Many events in the trail running scene were held thanks to their traditionally small participation numbers in the hundreds, as compared to tens of thousands who may show up for road races. In Colorado, 68% of all trail races of a marathon or longer in distance were cancelled in 2020. Of the Colorado races that were held, nearly half belong to HPRS. In a landscape where it is predicted that only 60% of all races will return post pandemic, hosting their full calendar is no small feat.

HPRS owner and Race Director John Lacroix states, “I’m a race director, not a race canceller, and I felt an obligation to provide our community with the services they signed up for. We found a way to conduct our events with health and safety in mind, and the year ended up being a huge success. In a sport where quitting isn’t the desired option, we decided to move through the collectively traumatic experience in that one direction we runners know, Forward.”

On May 6th, HPRS was the first major race series to release a black and white Social Reintegration Strategy that outlined their safe return to racing as soon as conditions allowed. Their robust plan included implementing temperature checks, a participant Covid-19 waiver, special wrist bands to identify runners who passed health and safety protocols, wave starts, requiring face masks for all volunteers, social distancing measures, curtailed pre and post-race festivities, and virtual pre-race meetings. HPRS also required runners to be masked at the start/finish line, within all aid stations, and while passing others on the course.

Many runners have expressed profound appreciation for HPRS’ efforts to continue to host their events with a focus on health and Safety. Sanami Fottral, a runner from San Antonio Texas who attended the 2020 Sangre de Cristo Ultras said, “Thank you for making it safe to participate!!! The Sangre de Cristo’s felt totally safe despite so many people and had a really fun vibe!!!” The Sangre de Cristo Ultras ended up being one of HPRS’ most attended events of all time. There were no reports of any runner contracting Covid-19 through participating in HPRS’ 2020 Events.

On July 11th HPRS was the first trail series in Colorado to return from Covid-19 with their Silverheels 100-Mile and Last Call 50-Mile Endurance Runs held annually in Fairplay, CO. They hosted the first official post-Covid 200-Miler in The United States during September’s Sangre de Cristo Ultras. In November they hosted the only post-Covid ultra in the state of Arkansas. As the last runner crossed the finish line on December 12th’s Sawmill Trail Runs, HPRS had done what many thought unthinkable; hosted their entire schedule of 11 events and matched their 2020 series-wide registration numbers with 2019.

The Human Potential Running Series was established in 2014. It is the largest series of ultras in Colorado, and the 4th largest ultra-series in The United States. They host 11 events that span the entire calendar year in Colorado and Arkansas. For more information about their series of events, please visit www.HumanPotentialRunning.com

For more information, please contact John Lacroix at 720-624-9237 or SherpaJohn@gmail.com