How was fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong caught? She answered U.S. Marshals’ ad for a yoga instructor

January 28, 2024

One month after Kaitlin Armstrong disappeared, the U.S. Marshals were in hot pursuit of her in another area of Costa Rica. A source had suggested she might have gone to a small village on the Pacific coast.

The U.S. Marshals took a ferry to reach a remote peninsula. Once there, they drove by car through mountains to the tiny town of Santa Teresa. But when they finally arrived, they ran into an unexpected problem – it seems as though all the foreigners looked like Kaitlin.

But despite this problem, soon the U.S. Marshals discovered why Armstrong had been so hard to find: she had been getting plastic surgery. At a hostel, they found a valuable clue: a receipt for plastic surgery. They finally found her. CBS