GSI Outdoors Announces Launch of 2 Can Cooler Stack

December 2, 2021

An Insulated Tube for Your Cold or Hot Beverages

Spokane, Wash. — December 1, 2021 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – GSI Outdoors today launched an exciting addition to its insulated line of outdoor products: the revolutionary 2 Can Cooler Stack, designed to easily carry 2, 12 oz cans of your favorite liquid on the go.

The vacuum insulated stainless steel cooler features long-lasting, double-wall vacuum insulation that will deliver up to 18 hours of cold and 8 hours of hot insulation. Designed with a convenient carry strap, the 2 Can Cooler is a slim travel cooler that fits easily into packs or bags, perfect for backpacking, disc golf, fishing, golfing, hiking, biking, tailgating, camping, picnics and more.

The 2 Can Stack is light enough to bring on even your longest backpacking trips but durable enough to keep items at the appropriate temperature, no matter the conditions. Its screw-on lid holds cans securely in place so you focus more time on being outside.

“Not needing ice is a major departure from all of the other coolers on the market,” said GSI Outdoors Director of Design & Marketing Kurt Gauss. “This allowed us to use much less materials, reducing the amount of steel needed for the cooler as well as shipping space. GSI believes in the importance of consciously designing eco-friendly products and we’re proud of exemplifying that with the 2 Can Stack.”

As well as cold can storage, the 2 Can Stack can also be used to keep items hot; one hack is to keep a burrito in the tube – after a day on the trail, pull it out and enjoy a hot burrito. The 2 Can Cooler Stack is a highly versatile container for picnics, hunting, paddle sports, hiking, golf, and all other outdoor activities.

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