Gravel Riders Cruised Through Spanish Peaks of Southern Colorado at Second Annual Life Time ‘The Rad Dirt Fest’ presented by Wahoo

October 9, 2022

Trinidad secures its status as up-and-coming cyclist destination with successful second edition of the event

Trinidad, Colo., (Sunday, October 9, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Life Time’s (NYSE: LTH)  The Rad Dirt Fest presented by Wahoo took place this weekend in Trinidad, Colo for its second year, where cyclists ventured off-road to tackle the 165-mile ‘Stubborn Delores’, 99-mile ‘Anteloop’, or 38.5-mile ‘Frijole’ course distances. The courses were in pristine condition with riders noting how they enjoyed the beauty of a perfect Colorado fall day.

“Alongside the community of Trinidad, we were incredibly excited to showcase this magnificent landscape for athletes to explore for a second year,” said Amanda Boyer, Marketing Manager at Life Time. “As a more grassroots-style gravel race within our portfolio, and one which offers a wide range of mileage options, The Rad truly is an event for riders of every level.”

The town of Trinidad is an emerging outdoor recreation destination with a friendly, fun, and eclectic vibe that is rich in history and vibrant architecture and features a thriving art scene. Life Time and athletes have been graciously welcomed by business owners and members of the community throughout the planning of, and weekend of, the event.

Women’s Stubborn Delores (165 miles) Results –

  1. Emma Grant, 31, of Appling, GA with a time of 9:10:16
  2. Autumn Vegh, 28, of Denver, CO with a time of 10:46:50
  3. Shaneis Kehoe, 31, of Denver, CO  with a time of 10:59:30

Men’s Stubborn Delores (165 miles) Results – 

  1. John Keller, 25, of Boulder, CO, with a time of  8:05:15
  2. Chris Mehlman, 22, of X (not in athlinks?), with a time of 8:27:24
  3. Tim Rea, 33, of Miami, FL, with a time of 8:53:11

Women’s Anteloop (99 miles) Results – 

  1. Ashley Frye, 22, of Colorado Springs, CO, with a time of 5:03:16
  2. Anne Donley, 45, of Denver, CO, with a time of 5:06:50
  3. Jess Cygan, 29, of Colorado Springs, CO, with a time of 5:10:46

Men’s Anteloop (99 miles) Results – 

  1. Jiri Senkyrik, 34, of Boulder, CO, with a time of 4:42:26
  2. Nick Goould, 44, of Colorado Springs, CO, with a time of 4:42:32
  3. Tony Baca, 31, of Golden, CO, with a time of 4:44:15

Women’s Frijole (38.5 miles) Results – 

  1. Amy Magnuson, 54, of Colorado Springs, CO, with a time of 2:16:56
  2. Sara Bates, 36, of Boulder, CO, with a time of 2:22:42
  3. Melissa Hylton, 34, of Denver, CO, with a time of 2:23:25

Men’s Frijole (38.5 miles) Results – 

  1. Bryce Woollard, 31, of Longmont, CO, with a time of 1:54:02
  2. Niko Skievaski, 25, of Boulder, CO, with a time of 1:54:08
  3. Travis McCabe, 33, of Orlando, FL, with a time of 1:54:14

Non-Binary Frijole (38.5 miles) Results – 

  1. Lee Buell, 60, of Des Moines, IA, with a time of 3:29:16

The sixth and final event in the inaugural Life Time Grand Prix series presented by Mazda will be the Life Time Big Sugar Gravel presented by Mazda in Bentonville, Ark. on Saturday, Oct. 22. At that time, the series winners will be named and the prize purse will be distributed.

Next on Life Time’s off-road cycle race calendar is the Austin Rattler MTB & Run, a Leadville Trail 100 qualifier, which will close out the season on November 5.

To view the entire Life Time Athletic Events schedule, visit: https://my.lifetime.life/athletic-events.html

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