globalbike, a US-based nonprofit supporting sustainable bike philanthropy among women in rural Tanzania, launches its 1st virtual challenge, ‘Race to Kilimanjaro’ with ROUVY

July 1, 2021

Spartanburg, South Carolina / globalbike, together with ROUVY’s augmented reality platform, announces a virtual challenge. The Challenge enables anyone, both competitive athletes and casual hobby riders, to ride in Tanzania virtually and at the same time, raises awareness and funds for globalbike-supported projects. globalbike transforms the lives of women in rural Tanzanian communities for the better. Bicycle accessibility in Tanzania helps women to meet their basic needs, overcome their daily struggles and pursue better lives.

July 1st, 2021

Outdoor activities

The “Race to Kilimanjaro” will include 3 races. Two races are aimed at endurance athletes, a distance challenge, “Kili to the Coast” at 239 miles and an altitude challenge, “The Kili Climb” at 16,082 feet. A third race at 59 miles, The Bike Shop Tour,  will be for all ability levels to ride, run or walk. Upon registration, the participants will receive a 28-day free trial for ROUVY’s indoor virtual cycling platform, during which athletes can try out new virtual rides (and complete a virtual challenge) in Tanzania produced along the most beautiful Tanzanian roads through ROUVY and globalbike’s new partnership.

Virtual Challenge on ROUVY

globalbike’s virtual event includes delivery of exclusive video content on cycling in Tanzania with commentary from the Tanzanian-based Origin Trail CEO and mountain bicyclist, Ema Motta. It will also contain new content on the need for bikes in Tanzania and globalbike’s impact there. The virtual Challenge on ROUVY requires completion of the following four 20-30km freshly produced augmented routes: West Kili, Kondoa RouteNamanga to Arusha and Ruaha National Park.


The numerous cycling prizes will appeal to athletes, including the grand prize — a trip with TDA Global Cycling, the Masai Steppe section 4 of the Tour D’Afrique — for the fastest individual on the Kili to the Coast race. ROUVY and CTS are each offering 3-month memberships for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Winners of the altitude challenge will compete for a Canyon Bicycle swag bag as well as, ROUVY and CTS subscriptions.


In rural Africa, bicycles have the power to transform lives and create economic security as people are able to, more efficiently, reach markets, water sources, schools and health care in contrast to walking by foot. With 50% of the rural population unable to afford a bicycle, the impact created by globalbike is extraordinary. People receive access to bikes through globalbike-supported bike rental cooperatives and its cost sharing measures help to increase their incomes by 25-57%. Women and young girls cut transportation time in their unpaid household labor by up to 65% with a bike, thus saving precious time which can be reinvested in education or entrepreneurial pursuits.

In this context, globalbike brings basic bike philanthropy to the next level by partnering with women’s cooperatives in rural Tanzania, who through mechanic and business training ensure that bike donations become a sustainable investment in women and their communities. globalbike works closely with women’s cooperatives to develop a financial business plan where women can independently maintain and rent bikes, thus ensuring the full value of a bike donation is realized over time. Cooperative members earn money from the bike project for their families and for reinvestment in other women-led business projects like sanitary pad production and jewelry making, thus proliferating the impact of donor dollars. Each year, cooperative members earn one third to two times the average monthly household income for reinvestment. This strategy empowers women as self-sustainable individuals, mechanics, and owners of a highly valued resource in their community, thus helping to shift gender norms and bolster women’s status and their influence in their communities.

globalbike encourages crowdfunding and team formation to make the virtual and in-real-life rides local and social — every $200 raised donates a bicycle to a woman entrepreneur in Tanzania.

In the United States and Europe, as in all developed countries, bikes generally provide leisure and health benefits. However, in rural Africa, bikes have the power to accelerate the initiatives of hard-working individuals and create economic security. This virtual challenge, “Race to Kilimanjaro” will engage athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels to use their cycling or walking to inspire hard-working women abroad.

“We encourage participants to pay it forward. By collaborating with globalbike, you can accelerate the hard work of women and poor communities abroad,” says globalbike executive director, Erin Mahaffey.

-> The routes in Tanzania are waiting for the explorers to discover its unique landscapes. Registration is open HERE.

 -> Registration for outdoor activities and donation options are available at globalbike’s website.

The charitable challenge will run through July and August 2021.

About globalbike

globalbike is a US-based non-profit organization that equips and trains women in the last mile of rural Tanzania to run self-sustaining bike rental businesses that meet the transportation needs of their communities and propel women into sustainable careers.

For more information and donations, visit www.globalbike.org.


ROUVY is a digital racing platform that enables athletes to cycle the world online for inspiration or train with friends for fun. The application simulates real outdoor riding on a bike using high-quality geo-located videos and augmented reality. Unique technology combines animated 3D riders with real-life video footage, so anyone can enjoy the endless variety of legendary and exotic locations from the comfort of one’s home. Today ROUVY is an official partner of the elite cycling and triathlon races all over the globe. www.rouvy.com