Global Sports Brand, Decathlon, Unveils Innovative 2 Seconds Easy Tent

July 1, 2020

The newest iteration of Decathlon’s famed 2 Seconds Tent revolutionizes tent setup and breakdown, making it easier than ever to set up camp

San Francisco, Calif. (July 1, 2020) — Today, Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, announced the launch of the new 2 Seconds Easy Tent — a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art, easy-to-pitch tent designed to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone. With its new compact design and patented setup and breakdown system, the 2 Seconds Easy makes setting up camp easier than ever.

The 2 Seconds Easy Tent is a product over fifteen years in the making. The dream began on a backcountry trip in 2003, when Jean-François Ratel, then the product manager at Decathlon’s hiking and camping brand, Quechua, was challenged by the idea to create a tent that could “assemble itself.” The team got to work, and in 2004, Decathlon revolutionized the camping market with its first-of-its-kind 2 Seconds Tent, which literally pitched itself. The 2 Seconds Easy is a further innovation that allows for a more compact design, with an easier setup and breakdown, while incorporating key features in the newest 2 Second tents, including wind resistance and waterproofing.

“For over four years, engineers, designers, product managers and customers exchanged and challenged ideas and concepts in order to develop the 2 Seconds Easy, with the aim of trying to improve its folding action and compactness,” said Quechua product manager, Fabien Marescaux. “In this way, a new smart and accessible product was developed and tested by Quechua teams to ensure mobility and speed. The refolding feature is what’s really special about the 2 Seconds Easy  — it is far and away the easiest breakdown of any tent we’ve ever produced.”

The 2 Seconds Easy Tent features more internal living space, a higher peak height, and a self-supporting patented structure with a push button to release the tent. Once folded away, the tent fits into a simple case for increased compactness, making it easier to transport. It is also equipped with Decathlon’s patented “Fresh&Black” technology, a multi-layer fabric that ensures a high blackout level, even in daylight or under a full moon while keeping the tent cooler in hot conditions. Finally, the team designed the tent with a focus on sustainability and durability. This includes using a more environmentally-friendly dope dyeing process for the inner room and ground sheet, reducing the amount of water and carbon impact compared to conventional dyeing. The tent also features repairable parts and a 5-year warranty to ensure it is a camping companion for years to come.

“We had no time limit for developing this new product,” said Quechua product engineer, Alexandre Genero. “We only wanted to create the ideal product. We had a lot of test phases. We tested and retested, until two-years ago, when we achieved the brilliant unfolding and folding effect.”

Making sports more accessible to everyone is at the heart of Decathlon’s mission. This means innovative gear that makes enjoying sports and the outdoors easier and more affordable than ever before.  In this spirit, Decathlon proudly presents the 2 Seconds Easy Tent: Because there are better things to do with your time than set up camp!

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About Decathlon

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