GiveSignup | RunSignup Announces GivingTuesday $50K Grants Giveaway

October 6, 2021

Moorestown, NJ (October 6, 2021) — GiveSignup | RunSignup is excited to announce the GivingTuesday $50K Grants Giveaway. The first 500 nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation that raises at least $100 with their GivingTuesday campaign on the GiveSignup | RunSignup free platform on November 30, 2021 will receive a matching grant of $100 from GiveSignup | RunSignup.

GiveSignup | RunSignup is launching this giveaway as a creative way to give back to support nonprofits and double down on focused growth in the nonprofit industry.

“Two years ago, we made a pivot to expand our technology to further support nonprofit event fundraising and online giving. We saw this as an opportunity to grow our business and provide nonprofit organizations with free and purpose-built technology to help them raise more,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO for GiveSignup | RunSignup. “We haven’t looked back since. We know how important GivingTuesday is for our customers. On this big day, not only are we offering our customers a free platform to use to build and raise money with their GivingTuesday campaign, but we’re also giving away $50,000 in grants to these organizations! We have a lot of incredible organizations doing important work with our technology, and we want to show them our support.”

The requirements to be eligible to receive a grant are simple:

  • Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status to qualify for a grant.
  • Organizations must be one of the first 500 to raise at least $100 through their GivingTuesday campaign on November 30, 2021 using a GiveSignup website, form, or fundraising campaign.

“I am excited that we are able to make this giveaway happen for our customers,” said Charnele Williams, VP of Marketing at GiveSignup | RunSignup. “This giveaway is synonymous with our core values here at GiveSignup | RunSignup. What better way to give back than to pair our free product with an additional incentive to help organizations raise more on this important day. I am eager to see all the great campaigns this year and support the many amazing missions of our customers!”

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your best GivingTuesday is just minutes away! Get started now with a free GivingTuesday campaign with GiveSignup | RunSignup and raise more on November 30.

About GiveSignup | RunSignup:

GiveSignup | RunSignup is the fundraising event platform leader delivering the art of technology to nonprofit organizations. Over 10,000 nonprofits, supporting more than 25,000 events, use our free and open platform to raise more than $1 billion, grow their events, and save time. This purpose-built platform gives nonprofits the technology needed to generate revenue and engage supporters. Our expertly crafted, open and all-in-one solution powers nonprofit revenue generation and supporter engagement with everything from ticketing and registration to donations and fundraising. No subscriptions, no plans, no monthly fees.

To find out why customers like American Cancer Society, AACR, IRIS and Semper Fi Fund use GiveSignup | RunSignup, visit www.givesignup.org.