Get Hy With Essential Elements For All Day Endurance, Hangover Remedy and Added Hydration Boost

April 20, 2022

Leading wellness and supplement brand launches ‘Get Hy” campaign to promote hydration throughout 4/20 and festival season

LOS ANGELES (April. 20, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –Essential Elements (Ee) – the premium, science-backed sports nutrition brand – has announced their new ‘Get Hy’ campaign in honor of the 4/20 holiday.  The Hydration ACV electrolyte product aids in hydration during the celebrated consumption day as well as the return to music festivals throughout the country.

“We are looking to convey the importance of hydration with our ‘Get Hy’ campaign, a play off of the big consumption day that leads to major dehydration,” said Al Goldman, Creative Brand Manager of Ee. “Essential Elements works tirelessly to ensure we provide the finest ingredients without any extra additives that work to replenish electrolytes, leaving consumers feeling hydrated and giving them that extra boost to take on any event during festival season.”

A must-have for festival season, Essential Elements is helping you ‘Get Hy’ all day, every day by providing festival-goers with their electrolyte-rich Hydration sticks that are easy, convenient and provide an immense amount of energy and immunity support. Available in three flavors: Watermelon-Cucumber, Yuzu-Lime, and Blue Raspberry Lemonade Essential Element’s hydration packets are perfect for festival attendees to replenish electrolytes, and get and stay hy and recharged all day long.

Combining the perfect blend of apple cider vinegar, sodium, potassium, and buffered vitamin C, their hydration sticks will provide that extra support needed to stay on the go and even recover the body before hitting the next party. With Essential Elements, hangovers will become a thing of the past and it even eases digestion due to beneficial proteins, enzymes, and bacteria. Whether you’re celebrating 4/20, attending any festivals or just simply party hopping, Essential Elements is here to provide an endurance boost.

The ‘Get Hy’ campaign will kick off on 4/20 and span across the whole summer as they work to support festival goers. For those not attending festivals, the Get Hy Summer Festival Series will be taking audiences along for the ride virtually, making them feel like they are physically there. While hitting every market from social to influencers and more – Essential Elements will be giving an inside look at a day in the life at the hottest festivals this summer. Come along for the ride and embrace hydration by Getting Hy with Essential Elements.

Essential Elements provides a variety of products and supplements that support heart, immune, hair, skin, hair, and cognitive health.  To learn more about Essential Elements and their full range of products, visit EE.fit.


Essential Elements specializes in manufacturing premium and affordable dietary and wellness supplements. Always science-based from clinically studied, premium, raw ingredients, Essential Elements delivers high potency products that are affordable, natural, safe and effective. Targeted testing and well controlled manufacturing processes allows them to consistently produce quality products you can trust. For more information, visit ee.fit or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.


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