FuelFood.io Announces Integration with Final Surge

November 17, 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – FuelFood.io announces that it has integrated with Final Surge, a leader in the coaching platform space. In 15 minutes or less, Final Surge athletes can plan their meals and shop for the food that supports the week’s training.

The integration between Final Surge and FuelFood.io will allow Final Surge to provide their 300+ thousand users the ability to generate meal plans and shop and have groceries delivered that supports their week’s training.

“We have an incredible community of integrations and believe FuelFood.io adds additional value in the time and money it will save athletes in the vital aspect of nutrition and improving overall health and wellbeing.” – Tim Surface, Co-Founder & CEO, Final Surge

With FuelFood.io Final Surge athletes can now sync upcoming workouts from Final Surge into FuelFood.io which automatically receive suggested meal plans that empower athletes to meet their training goals.

“My vision was to take my training plan, instantly generate a meal plan that supported my training and have the groceries I needed delivered to my door. Due in no small part to the team at Final Surge we did it.” – Logan Kelly, Founder, FuelFood.io

The Final Surge integration was made possible by the forward thinking at Final Surge and months of guidance and collaboration with McMillan Running to develop something that truly meets the needs of endurance athletes.

“We’re always on the lookout for the next step in empowering athletes’ performance, what FuelFood.io set out to do and deliver is exactly that and will be a huge benefit for our runners and the greater running community.” – Greg McMillan, Founder & Head Coach, McMillan Running

About Final Surge

Final Surge is an online training platform for athletes, coaches, teams, and clubs. The Final Surge web app, plus iOS and Android mobile apps, have all of the features needed to track and analyze your running, cycling, and triathlon training, including easy coach/athlete communication, planning future workouts, executing training plans, and monitoring your effort and performance while avoiding injury. Final Surge also imports workout and GPS data from all popular fitness devices.

About FuelFood.io

FuelFood.io is an AI-powered nutrition planning, shopping and delivery app for endurance athletes.

We work with athletes of all levels to create custom meal plans that are based on their training schedule and dietary restrictions. Our AI-backed recipe selection ensures that athletes always have access to healthy, delicious, and nutrient-rich meals no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Paired with our shipping and delivery service athletes can shop, compare products, and have groceries delivered from local sources.

FuelFood.io was founded by amateur cyclist and technologist Logan Kelly when he could not find an app that made it easy to match his nutrition to his training plan. Together with his coach and Chief Science Officer, Jim Peterman, PhD, Kelly spent more than 18 months fine-tuning what he believes will improve the health and performance of endurance athletes.