Fôrs™ Partners with Prolific Sport Climber Jonathan Siegrist

April 1, 2022

Las Vegas, NV, April 1. 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Fôrs, LLC, a market-leading human performance company led by renowned Physical Therapist, Scott Pensivy, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with America’s most prolific sport climber, Jonathan Siegrist.

Jonathan, globally recognized as an example of true elite-level athleticism, has been featured prominently in international climbing media for the last 15 years with 60 ascents of 5.14d (9a) or harder and countless cutting-edge first ascents. A major contributor to his ability to perform at this level is his attention to proper post-workout recovery. As he has continued to build on his arsenal of recovery tools, the Fôrs™ products have been featured prominently.

According to Mr. Siegrist, “As each year passes, it becomes more and more important for me to find the most innovative approaches to sports recovery; ways to more efficiently and effectively get me back to training and climbing hard and feeling fresh. When I was introduced to these products, it was very clear that they were designed with an advanced level of understanding and intent to provide a greater benefit, faster, than other products I have tried.”

Fôrs’ Co-founder, Scott Pensivy states, “Fôrs™ designs products based on input from athletes, physical therapy patients, and fellow practitioners. I have worked with professional athletes like Jonathan for over 30 years. The only way to innovate is to understand not just what these individuals would like to do with their bodies, but how their bodies work, how they age, and where their current approaches to recovery may be failing.”

One of the most influential Fôrs™ products that Jonathan has been incorporating into his recovery routine is the Fôrs™ Cryo-Thermo Massager. This new take on percussion massager technology boasts a multi-level, hot and cold massage head which can be used simultaneously with the percussion and vibration applications. Built with influence from recent Nobel Prize winning research focused on complex elements of pain perception in the human body, the Cryo-Thermo massager supports the body’s natural efforts to recover from soreness and discomfort associated with exercise. Beyond that, when compared to the competition, the product is lighter in weight, quieter, more affordable, and comes with a compact travel case for on-the-go support.

Climbers like Jonathan are constantly in motion throughout the year as they require optimal climates for optimal training. They are also independent and often without a team of professionals to provide support. For this reason, Fôrs™ is excited to meet the recovery demands of this unique group of athletes with its products and continue to maintain its innovative approach as the partnership grows.

About Fôrs™

Led by Scott Pensivy, PT, LAT, ATC, FÔRS™ was founded with a belief that the very best, pro-level performance solutions should be available to all. Along with Scott, the FÔRS™ team includes leaders in emerging health technologies to bring even more cutting-edge knowledge, insights, and products to everyone who values and can benefit from injury prevention, rehabilitation, and increased performance.

FÔRS™ is also committed to integrity and transparency and ensures that all its products meet or exceed regulatory guidelines and industry standards.  Everyone from clinicians and fitness professionals to major league pros, weekend warriors and those who just want to function at their highest level in everyday life, can feel confident in finding superior solutions with FÔRS™.

Contact: Harris Parker – support@forslabs.com

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