Ford claims its new van can solve the issue of “cyclists getting doored” by drivers and passengers

December 7, 2023

It took only until 2020 for Ford, the American auto-industry behemoth partially behind populating the country’s suburban streets with large vehicles (often used by walking-distance locals going to the supermarket to buy a pint of milk) to acknowledge that cyclists exist, with its Emoji Jacket — that was a thing, remember? And it seems Ford has also begun to realise that cyclists can get hurt by motorists’ actions, even when they aren’t driving — one such danger being dooring.

“Dooring” incidents can occur when drivers open the doors of their vehicles without noticing that cyclists are approaching. According to Cycling UK, every year, in England, Wales and Scotland alone, more than 500 people are injured because of dooring. It also believes that these numbers only tell half the picture, as many incidents as such go unreported. Road.cc