Follow the transformative adventures of UTMB® Mont-Blanc

August 19, 2021

Chamonix, August 19, 2021. From 23 to 29 August, an exceptional scope of coverage will be set up to allow fans from all over the world to follow the best moments of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc. Fans can expect a unique insight into the race, including the introduction and follow-up on the favorite athletes; live race coverage; achievements of all the runners; the best moments of each of the races; the most beautiful landscapes around Mont-Blanc; a behind the scenes look and anecdotes of this extraordinary organization; interviews with the heroes and much more.

The UTMB® Mont-Blanc invites you into the heart of a unique event that changes the lives of its participants by offering them the opportunity to live a transformative adventure in a unique setting: the territory of Mont-Blanc.

The best moments of the 7 races in 5 languages ​​thanks to UTMB® Live

 From Monday 23 August, the homepage of www.utmbmontblanc.com will become a hub offering real-time highlights of the event week.

From Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 August at 12pm, 5pm and 9pm daily, the official images from the first races of the week (PTL, MCC, TDS, YCC) will be available, as well as archive videos to allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc and its history.

And, from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 August, the 3 flagship races of the week (OCC, CCC®, UTMB®) will be broadcast live. Coverage will include the introduction of the favorites, race starts, reporting from the head of the race, an insight into key race facts, and the winning finishers – all brought to life by expert commentators in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

UTMB®LIVE is available on computer, smartphone and tablet at www.utmbmontblanc.com.

For media, UTMB® Live streams are available to embed:

For distribution enquires, contact: Antonios Argyropoulos antonios@ibngroup.net

Follow the adventures of all the runners live thanks to LiveTrail®

 The UTMB® Live platform will integrate the LiveTrail® interface which allows followers to monitor 100% of the runners in each race. It also provides forecasts of the lap times, a list of favorites, interactive profiles of the races, comparisons between runners, follow-up of the race leaders, and of course, the live results. The track of each participant is visible either live or as a replay on their runner’s profile, accessible from UTMB® Live. This means users can follow the runner of their choice at any time, experience the race step by step and watch the best moments thanks to the webcams placed at the various points of the course.

If that wasn’t enough, followers can also receive SMS updates with the key information on the runner of their choice including times of passage at the various checkpoints , directly to their mobile phone. Subscribe here.

For support teams, followers, and media – a single App in your pocket: LiveInfo

The LiveInfo news app is the go-to app for coaches and supporters. Search for a runner, track the race leader, get estimates on timings to the next checkpoint,  view the list of favorites and get real-time passage notifications. The application provides all the key info straight to your mobile. LiveInfo also calculates the time needed to reach the next checkpoint  before the arrival of the relevant runner and offers integrated Google Maps navigation to get there.

LiveInfo download:

Android: download here
Apple Store: download here

Immersive coverage thanks to the official social networks of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc

Don’t miss anything from the event. Find all the information about the races (favorites, schedules, weather forecast, etc.), highlight videos, live updates of starts and finishes, legendary passages, anecdotes, and a behind the scenes insight on the official social networks of the event.

Facebook – @UTMBMontBlanc
Instagram – @utmbmontblanc
Twitter – @UTMBMontBlanc

And at the end of the event, you can relive all the best moments of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc on the event’s social networks and on those of its partners.

Official Media Partners active throughout the summer alongside the UTMB® Mont-Blanc

Canal +:

Since June, all trail running and sports fans have been able to delve into the history of UTMB® Mont-Blanc, access the latest news, and view profiles of the organizers and the race favorites on MyCanal.

During the 2021 edition, the teams at INFOSPORT + and the CANAL + Group’s sports information channel, will provide coverage for the main races of the week (UTMB®, CCC®, OCC) to allow fans to stay up to date with the latest news on the event. Follow the UTMB® Mont-Blanc on:

Infosport +: https://www.canalplus.com/chaines/infosportplus

Twitter – @infosportplus

Canal + Sport will also broadcast the UTMB® live from start to the finish – a great highlight of the flagship race.

Facebook: @CanalplusSport
Twitter: @CanalPlusSport

And for even more immersion, a team of five Canal + Group journalists and one fan will run the MCC together on Monday 23 August.

Radio France:

Throughout the summer, the Radio France Group has told the story of those behind the UTMB® Mont-Blanc, with a particular focus on volunteers. France, Italy, Switzerland, heads of post, environmental ambassadors; they all came to tell their stories on France Bleu from July to August.

France Bleu will be live from Chamonix on August 28 to follow the first finishers of the UTMB®. Tune in at 1pm on Saturday 28 August at:

France Bleu Pays de Savoie: https://www.francebleu.fr/pays-de-savoie

Twitter – @bleusavoie
Facebook – @francebleupaysdesavoie

Trails Endurance Mag:

In August 2021, France’s number one trail media featured a series of stories and portraits on the favorites and the organization of the event.

During the UTMB® Mont-Blanc, Trails Endurance Magazine will provide exceptional coverage from August 23 to 29 on its own platforms:

Trails Endurance Mag: https://www.trails-endurance.com/

Facebook – @ TrailsEnduranceMag
Twitter – @ENDU_MAG
Instagram – @trailsendurance


The UTMB® Mont-Blanc and Strava have joined forces in 2021 to offer a unique experience around the legendary trails for which the race is famous, including the Grand Col Ferret – the ultimate myth, where some of the greatest moments in the history of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc have been made.

Discover the 12 iconic segments of UTMB® Mont-Blanc races on: https://www.strava.com/utmb-segments

And thanks to Strava, UTMB® Live will offer an enhanced experience when elite athletes pass through some of these iconic segments.

Join the Strava club UTMB®: www.strava.com/clubs/utmb

Exceptional media coverage

 Beyond the network of coverage put in place by UTMB® Mont-Blanc and its partners, the 2021 event will be followed by more than 250 accredited journalists. Major French and international media from the trail running community, as well as key sports, general and specialist (adventure, business, etc.) media, have confirmed their attendance at the World Summit of Trail Running, during the last week of August in Chamonix.

Major international media that have confirmed their presence include AFP, Repubblica, M6 and TREK TV.

The list of all accredited media can be found here.

Run wherever you are thanks to the UTMB® Virtual Club

To experience the event from wherever you are in the world, join the UTMB® VIRTUAL CLUB and participate in one of the seven exclusive UTMB® Mont-Blanc Challenges: 50km (#UTMB4YOU – UTMB), 40km (# UTMB4YOU – TDS), 35km (#UTMB4YOU – CCC), 25km (#UTMB4YOU – OCC), 15km (#UTMB4YOU – MCC).

Check out the current Challenges and join the Club: https://virtual.utmb.world