FitRankings Virtual Race Technology Provides Solution for Event Cancellations

March 13, 2020

FitRankings partners with endurance event directors to offer participants a virtual option.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13, 2020 — FitRankings is working with endurance event directors to provide a virtual option for their canceled events. Around the globe, events are being canceled due to Coronavirus concerns as event directors focus on participant safety and public health. FitRankings’ virtual race solution can be fully functional on the event’s website 24 hours. By providing participants a virtual option, event directors can still create memorable participant experiences and generate new avenues for participant engagement.

“It is unfortunate to see participants who have trained for months, or even years, have their race-day dreams dashed due to these unfortunate circumstances,” said Patrick Hitchins, CEO and Founder of FitRankings. “We understand that timing is of the essence for race directors, and we are here to support them with a solution.”

FitRankings, a leader in virtual race technology, has worked with event directors to produce virtual challenges since 2015, and is prepared to scale its operations in light of Coronavirus concerns. FitRankings turnkey virtual race solution can be set up quickly and effectively on an event website or an event’s native digital environment. FitRankings has successfully completed hundreds of virtual races and digital fitness challenges with a wide range of non-profit, government, and corporate entities. Last year, FitRankings worked with USA Triathlon on the world’s first virtual triathlon.

“We understand that there is no substitute for the in-person experience,” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events, one of the largest privately owned event production companies in the United States. “A virtual option, in the event of postponement or cancelation, allows participants to feel a similar sense of accomplishment.”

FitRankings’ core technology is a universal platform for apps and wearables (Garmin, Strava, MapMyFitness, Apple Health, etc.) that allows participants to easily connect to a virtual race or challenge and complete it on their own time. FitRankings enhances the virtual race experience using real-time leaderboards, likes, comments, and a live activity feed. The platform also features interactive messaging as participants complete activity milestones.

About FitRankings: FitRankings is connecting the world through fitness. Based in Austin, Texas, FitRankings is a leader in digital fitness challenges and virtual racing. FitRankings technology features a universal platform that connects to the latest apps and wearables. FitRankings provides organizations enterprise software tools, security, and support to create authentic and engaging digital fitness experiences for their communities.