First Tech Company Utilizing AI/AR Advances to See Dynamic Weight Loss

October 6, 2020

BELLEAIR BLUFFS, Fla., October 6, 2020/  “COVID-19 has helped our business by increased interest in EnvisionBody’s software amidst a surge of in-home connected workout devices,“ said Salina Ray, CEO of EnvisionBody. “With gyms forced to close, live streaming devices that allow access to personal trainers and exercise classes within the safety of one’s home have become extremely popular. If they prefer, they will soon have the ability to leverage the next generation AI/AR advancing technologies to supplement the company’s AR content strategy. So, at a time when one might think a startup would be struggling to develop, we have seen interest in our software spike up.”

EnvisionBody’s patented technology provides your After image instantly. Instead of simply standing in front of fitness hardware devices such as Tonal and Mirror or exercising on equipment like Peloton with an instructor, a user will have an engaging experience and access to a powerful motivational tool by providing a window that allows a user to see themselves with 20-30 lbs less weight and/or more muscular chest and abs, for example. Planting the psychological seed by utilizing live real-time enhanced body images while working out creates an unprecedented user experience and exercise motivation.

Companies that provide smart mirrors and connected devices have seen a surge in sales. According to a press release by intelligent in-home fitness equipment Tonal, they have seen explosive growth in 2020, with sales increasing more than 12x over previous year figures. And according to CNBC, when Peloton reported earnings in May it said its sales for the latest quarter had surged 66% from a year ago to $524.6 million. .

“In addition to in-home connected devices, we are a great fit for weight loss companies such as WW (Weight Watchers).”, said Salina Ray, CEO of EnvisionBody. “Imagine being able to open the WW app on your phone with the ability to see what you would look like instantly if using their system. That is a win, win for enterprise use and consumers.”

About EnvisionBody 

EnvisionBody is an AI/AR software technology company based on AI full-body optical tracking and body modification. EnvisionBody allows the user to see their enhanced body image with less weight and/or more muscle mass in real-time. AI optical full-body camera tracking is used to capture the user’s image. The image is then processed through an AR application, providing body modification in an enhanced form. This may be used as an application for exercise motivation, social media entertainment, and engaging AR advertising for weight loss and fitness companies. If interfacing with exercise equipment the user sees their enhanced body image dynamically change while working out. The image changes in response to an increase in heart rate. EnvisionBody software is a powerful advertising platform to show customers what their “after” image will look like after using a company’s product or services instantly; taking the old historic use of before and after images to sell products to the next level by leveraging the next-generation of technologies.

For more information contact the founder Salina Ray at Salina@EnvisionBody.com or visit https://www.envisionbody.com/