First Event of the LA Tri-Series Wraps Up with Impressive Results

April 10, 2024

Participants gathered at Bonelli Park to take part in the 42nd consecutive event

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The LA Tri-Series wrapped up its first race of the 42nd consecutive triathlon series this past weekend, where tri-athletes took part in the oldest, continuous running triathlon series in the world. Athletes of all ages and experience levels gathered at Bonelli Park for the event, a location that provided new triathletes an opportunity to participate in an open-water swim in a safe environment, to cycle on a safe route with little traffic and to run a well-supported, scenic course. Race day featured five different race options, which included the Championship Triathlon, Super Sprint Triathlon, Super Sprint AquaBike, Championship AquaBike and Championship – Duathlon.

Jacob Ford, the men’s Championship Triathlon winner, completed the 1K swim, 34K bike ride and 10K run in 01:57:17, followed by the men’s second-place finisher, Moses Wolfe-Polgar and third-place winner Donald Sherwood. The women’s Championship Triathlon course was led by Brittaney Talbot, who finished with a time of 02:09:21. Second and third-place finishers for the women’s marathon were Katie Marsh and Catherine Frye.

The men’s Super Sprint Triathlon division, consisting of a 300M swim, 12K bike ride and 5K run, was led by Mario Herrera, who finished with a time of 00:51:15. Nadia Kirchmann led the women’s division with a time of 01:15:44.

Other impressive wins included Heidi Eberle and Amalie Franck, the women’s first and second-place finishers for the Super Sprint AquaBike, which included a 300M swim and 12K bike ride. Brad Kerr and Holly Oquinn took home first for the men’s and women’s division of the Championship AquaBike, a 1K swim and 34K bike ride, while Gilbert Correa and William Worden took first and second place in the men’s divisions for the Championship – Duathlon race, where they completed a 5K run, 34K bike ride and 10K run.

“This field of triathletes is carrying on a nearly half-century of triathlon tradition,” said Mike Bone, President and CEO of Spectrum Sports Management, which produces the LA Tri-Series. “From veteran athletes to beginners, this course has provided a great opportunity for anyone to join in on the sport. We’re furthering our mission of getting more athletes involved in the series, and have great things in store for the LA Tri-Series #2 coming up in October!”

The LA Tri-Series #2 will be taking place on Oct. 6, followed by the LA Tri-Series #3 Turkey Tri on Nov. 24. This year’s LA Tri-Series #2 will be hosting the first UCLA Tri-Team West Coast Competition, with over 20 different collegiate teams being invited from Calif. and Ariz. The partnership with UCLA to put on this event comes with the hope of encouraging more student and team participation in the sport, while also raising money for the program so college students can continue to take part in the sport. Registration for the LA Tri-Series #2 is currently open.

For more information about the LA Tri-Series, visit www.trievents.com and follow the event on Facebook and Instagram.


Since it was started in 1983 the LA Tri-Series has been hosted in Bonelli Park, the ideal spot for both beginner and advanced triathletes. The LA Tri-Series has been managed by Spectrum Sports since 2022. A recognized leader in endurance and sporting events in Southern California, Spectrum Sports Management & Timing Services creates a wide range of events and has over 50 years of collective industry experience. Spectrum Sports Management emphasizes delivering a premiere, professional and world-class service to their clients, their participants and the communities in which they work. To learn more, visit www.SpectrumSports.net.