Firearms to protect athletes in the Olympic Village?

March 12, 2024

Security is crucial to the organisation of the Games. At least 35,000 police officers will be deployed on the opening day, but there will also be the need to secure the various host cities, the various venues where the competitions will take place and any potential targets for terrorist attacks.

This challenge, perhaps the greatest in France’s security history, will also include an extra challenge within the Olympic Village. The site where some 14,500 people (athletes and coaches) will gather for more than two weeks is also a critical security location.

There will of course be both internal and external security, but beyond that. Will there be armed security for the delegations in the Olympic Village during the Paris Games? Security is the responsibility of the host country; any country wishing to provide its own security must be coordinated (and authorised by special legislation) so as not to violate French sovereignty. Inside The Games