Finish Line™ Announces FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant

August 10, 2021

LONG ISLAND, N.Y.  – Finish Line™, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bicycle lubricants and related maintenance products, is pleased to announce the release of FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant, the newest addition to their product line.

“We challenged ourselves to develop a tire sealant that would lead the bicycle industry in sealing speed, strength, and longevity,” said Hank Krause, Founder & President of Finish Line. “After two years of formulating and testing, we’ve now ticked those boxes, and we’re extremely excited for its global launch.”

FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant

FiberLink represents the new standard for tubeless bicycle tire sealant. Developed with Finish Line’s proprietary FiberLink™ Technology, this low viscosity and free-flowing pro latex formula seals punctures quickly up to 8mm, ensures maximum seal integrity, and delivers optimum longevity.

What is FiberLink™ Technology?

Kevlar™ fibers work synergistically with fast-acting natural latex to seal punctures as they occur. The natural-latex cures rapidly and seals the puncture while simultaneously, Kevlar fibers flow to the puncture, linking and intertwining for extra strength and durability. During development, this hybrid idea was internally referred to as “a double-sealant with triple benefits.”

Features & Benefits

  • Pro latex formula utilizes FiberLink™ Technology.
  • Kevlar™ fibers ensure strong, long-lasting seals.
  • Low viscosity is ideal for race conditions.
  • Fast-acting natural latex reduces air loss.
  • Optimum longevity between refresh cycles.
  • Low odor and easy to set up.

Purchase Options

FiberLink is now available in the United States with global availability starting this fall. With an ever-present focus on both local bike shops and home mechanics, Finish Line offers their new FiberLink Tubeless Sealant in the following sizes for cyclists and shops:

  • 8oz Squeeze Bottle – MSRP $12.99
  • 32oz Bottle – MSRP $34.99
  • 1 Gallon Jug
  • Finish Line™ media inquiries can be directed to Katie Macarelli at katie@thorpemarketing.com.
  • Finish Line™ sales and distribution inquiries can be directed to Alex Barouh at abarouh@finishlineusa.com.


About Finish Line™

Self-professed “tech-geek” and cycling enthusiast, Henry (Hank) Krause, founded Finish Line in 1988 when the availability of technically advanced bicycle lubricants for sophisticated multi-geared drivetrains were extremely limited. Krause began with the simple mission statement: ‘Develop premium quality and performance-enhancing bicycle lubricants. Formulate them with ingredients that respect the environment. Market them honestly. Price them fairly.’ Finish Line continues to innovate and now manufactures over 50 unique products, enjoying a leading market position in over 60 countries. For more information, please visit www.finishlineusa.com.