Female Cycling Incentive

August 7, 2020

$1,200 payout to the fastest female.

August 7h, 2020 Natchez –Tour organizers at Rockstar All Access announced today they will offer a $1,200 incentive payout to the overall fastest female. The Mississippi held company is organizing a “Tour the Trace” event to be held in Late November. Participants will endure a 444-mile tour through 3 states and 10,000 years of history. The event is expected to take place along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway. The Tour, already offering $2,400 to the overall winner, is stacking the field with pro cyclist, teams and even a few pro triathletes. With a 17 MPH minimum, 444 miles of open road and unpredictable weather this is sure to be an exciting challenge.

Race Director – Thomas Walls commented on the female incentive, saying “I’ve spent weeks talking with pro female cyclists and learned that they were hesitant to compete against the male athletes for overall win.  I believe a tour of this magnitude will be more about strategy than speed and decided to offer the incentive to get these females in the field. This incentive is over and beyond the overall payout.  If a female wins the event overall, she will take home both the overall payout and the incentive money. I really think these female athletes can compete with the men and I’m hoping the extra incentive will prove me right”.

Rockstar All Access is working with the National Park Service and USA Cycling Organization to permit this event, currently capped at 100 riders. The Tour is focused on bringing awareness not only to the historic parkway but also cycling safety.

About RSAA, Inc.

RSAA, normally known for its organization of worldwide concert tours and sporting events, saw its industry come to a grinding halt in February and has since been finding creative ways to stay in operation. In addition to the development of Tour the Trace, RSAA has developed a rapid response team to build temporary structures for the medical industry. The Mississippi held company has also been refocusing its management skills to help brick and mortar schools transition to online learning.

For more information contact Race Director – Thomas Walls at 901-472-4630 or visit https://tourthetrace.com/.