Fast Talk Laboratories Introduces Pathways™, a “Master Class” for Endurance Sports

July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021 – Boulder, Colorado, USA – Fast Talk Laboratories, the fast-growing sport science community and virtual performance center, is pleased to introduce Pathways, a new way to explore concepts, master skills, and solve training challenges. Pathways are collections of expert articles, videos, and podcast episodes that dive deep into endurance sports topics. Finish a Pathway and you will know the next path forward in your own training. See Fast Talk Labs Pathways at fasttalklabs.com/pathways.

“The Fast Talk podcast has always focused on actionable ideas,” said Chris Case, Cofounder and COO of Fast Talk Laboratories. “Every episode includes key take-home messages that we want listeners to gain from the discussion. Now, with Pathways, we are using that approach to create deep explorations of the most important topics in endurance sports. Every Pathway is full of useful ideas and solutions for cyclists, triathletes, and runners of all abilities and experience.”

Fast Talk Laboratories will release a new Pathway each month and now offers four new Pathways:

Cycling Interval Training Pathway

Cyclists and triathletes can master interval workouts and interval training with this new Pathway devoted to cycling’s most critical and nuanced workout format. The Cycling Interval Training Pathway features our CEO, Coach Trevor Connor, our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler, and world-leading experts Dr. Stephen Seiler, Sebastian Weber, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and coach Neal Henderson. These experts help members progress from basic intervals to workout execution to advanced analysis over 21 articles, interviews, workshops, and workouts.

“The Cycling Interval Training Pathway is quite an impressive collection of resources on interval training for cyclists, expertly organized into a ‘teaching pathway’ by the team at Fast Talk Labs,” said Dr. Stephen Seiler, the recognized pioneer of polarized endurance training and a Fast Talk Labs contributor. “I can only imagine how enthralled and improved as an athlete I would have been to come across a resource like this when I was younger!”

Exercise in the Heat Pathway

In this new Pathway, our experts explore how to manage heat, dial in hydration, and fuel for performance in hot conditions. This Pathway taps Dr. Stephen Cheung, the internationally recognized expert in thermal physiology, and sport scientists Rob Pickels, Lindsay Golich, Dr. Stephen Seiler, Trevor Connor, and Ryan Kohler. These experts bust myths and provide science-based best practices for managing heat, hydration, and nutrition for cycling, triathlon, and running on road and trail. This Pathway includes athlete morphology, mental strategies, drinking vs. dousing, sports drink salinity, muscle cramping, acclimating to hot weather, drinking to thirst, and how heat affects sports nutrition needs.

Knee Health Pathway

Dr. Andrew Pruitt, the world-renowned sports medicine expert, anchors this guide on how to keep your knees happy, pain-free, and strong. Dr. Pruitt shares insights earned over 40 years’ experience helping elite and amateur athletes to treat and prevent overuse injuries. Tapping experts like Dr. Pruitt, Menachem Brodie, and Jess Elliott, the Knee Health Pathway shows how to diagnose spring knee and other common knee injuries, how to prevent the most common cycling injuries, why and how to adopt functional training, and which key exercises develop full-body strength and stability.

Basic Performance Analysis Pathway

Endurance training can sometimes feel like a numbers game. But which numbers matter most? In our new Pathway on basic data, experts like Tim Cusick, Dirk Friel, Julie Young, and others simplify the abundance of training data gathered by power meters, recovery straps, wearable devices, GPS units, smartwatches, and distill them into Key Performance Indicators. Follow the Basic Performance Data Analysis Pathway for a new approach that maximizes signal and minimizes noise. Topics include social training tools like Strava, how to set up your bike computer, the heart rate/power relationship, how to analyze common workout formats, using 20-minute FTP tests, and balancing data with intuition.

“Endurance sports have long been a vibrant, thriving community of separate and distinct bodies of knowledge,” said Cofounder and CEO Trevor Connor. “By launching Pathways, Fast Talk Laboratories brings together experts from all over the world into a focused sport science community and virtual performance center.”

About Fast Talk and Fast Talk Laboratories

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