Everyone needs Content Marketing, especially these people

February 6, 2020

Here are the main groups that benefit from a better content strategy

Here are the main groups that benefit from a better content strategy

Content Marketing is a major buzzword these days, but who actually benefits from doing it?

“Turns out, just about anyone who’s responsible for managing or growing a brand can use content marketing to grow,” says Peak Content Summit host Tyler Benedict. “The trick is realizing how it applies to your position, it’s different for everyone.”

Benedict says there are six main groups that can use content to boost brand awareness, affinity and sales. And he’s designed the curriculum at Peak Content Summit to provide the core lessons each one needs for their particular role in brand management:

  • Brand Managers
    • Learn how to effectively convey your brand attributes in a meaningful way through stories and content-driven programs, and come up with unlimited content ideas.
  • Marketers & Agencies
    • Learn the ins and outs of a complete content marketing strategy and how to apply it to your clients’ brands to drive real results.
  • Media & Publishers
    • Learn how to create lucrative, ethical content-based packages that advertisers and readers love!
  • Content Creators
    • Learn how to create better story arcs and more engaging content that captures consumers’ attention and keeps it!
  • Influencers
    • Learn how to integrate brands, products and sponsors into your content in ways that offer real benefits to both brand and follower (Brands pay attention, you’ll learn how to work with influencers more effectively, too!)
  • Event Organizers
    • Learn to create more compelling and lucrative sponsorship packages that deliver real benefits to your partners.

“Some of these are obvious,” he says. “But others, like digital publishers and event promoters, often stick to the things they know -banner ads, logos on signage- long after the brands have lost interest.”

“And brands and marketers have the ability to create impressive content, but don’t always know how to get it widely published beyond social media.”

Peak Content Summit is a two-day content marketing strategy conference with best-in-class speakers from leading brands, agencies and media. Registration is open, and seats are limited. Full speaker list, schedule and more information at http://www.PeakContentSummit.com.