Event Southwest Launches the Texas Distance Challenge

June 11, 2020

Texas-based event company launches the Texas Distance Challenge in support of state and local parks. Virtually traverse the state, loop the border and learn more about Texas’ hidden gems.

Austin, Texas – The Texas Distance Challenge, a new, virtual initiative created to highlight and support the open spaces of the great state of Texas, will take place from July 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021 and encourages runners and cyclists to work toward a goal while giving back to the maintenance of our open spaces.

Participants are given several registration options in order to complete The Texas Distance Challenge. Athletes can opt to traverse the state from El Paso to Texarkana in the “Run the Crossing” or “Ride the Crossing” challenge; cycle the border of Texas individually or as a team to “Ride the Loop”; or run in a series of monthly challenges that highlight unique locations hidden throughout the state with “Detours of Texas” which can be joined at any point during the 10-month event.  Participants will track their progress, view leg distances, reach milestones and explore the state via a route map. The race will also offer Strava integration which allows participants to pull Strava runs and rides into their progress via an in-system dropdown menu.

The Texas Distance Challenge is dedicated to celebrating Texas-owned businesses and individuals. As a result, the event has partnered with local artists, running and cycling clubs, and other businesses to bring together one-of-a-kind participant gift items and awards. Racers will also have the opportunity to “level up” their Finisher Shirt color as they reach various milestones along their journey and will receive mailings to commemorate those achievements.

Individuals and teams taking on “Ride the Loop” have the opportunity to earn The Texas Distance Challenge cycling jersey once they have biked around the entire state in the allotted time. Registration is $65 for “Run the Crossing”, “Ride the Crossing” and “Detours of Texas”, and $129 for “Ride the Loop.”  A portion of every registration will be donated to Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

“Texas athletes are driven, dedicated and proud of their accomplishments. Normally, we’d be seeing athletes training through the summer in 100-degree heat in hopes of tackling one of Texas’ many great events or national fall season marathons,” said Tony Yamanaka, co-founder of the challenge and VP of Operations at Event Southwest. “Due to COVID-19, many of those goal events have been cancelled or transitioned to virtual options. The Texas Distance Challenge was created to provide a long-term goal for new and existing runners and cyclists, give back to the state in support of maintaining our green spaces and unearth some of the incredible locations, talent and arts that Texas has to offer.”

“Open spaces are some of the few areas that we can all collectively enjoy, independent of outside factors. We want to be able to give back to those spaces and support the communities that maintain them,” Yamanaka said. “This is a great opportunity to reach personal fitness goals while supporting the spaces where we accomplish them.”

Texas-based organizations and creators should reach out to Yamanaka regarding event partnerships.

Those interested in participating in the Texas Distance Challenge can register at www.texasdistancechallenge.com.

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