EVENT INSIGHTS: 13 Tips to Improve Your Event Social Media Marketing

February 9, 2022

Social media has become a popular medium for marketing events of all kinds, and it’s easy to see why. Nearly two-thirds of the US population (approximately 231.5 million) have an account on some channel. Those users generally spend just over two hours a day browsing their feeds. That gives you a significant opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase awareness of your events.

Of the numerous social media platforms, Facebook has typically been the most effective for event marketing. It is, after all, the most widely used platform, with nearly 300 million active monthly users in the US alone (and 2.85 billion worldwide). Other platforms, including Instagram (1.16 billion active monthly users worldwide) and Twitter (353 million active users worldwide), are also effective for marketing.

According to a 2021 Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Sprout Social, 78% of marketers say social media is a highly effective tool for brand promotion. This suggests that social media marketing can be an excellent way to both increase ticket sales revenue and generate excitement about your upcoming events. However, it’s not all about what you do before your events. It also matters what you do during and after. Here, we’ve got a few tips to help you take your event social media marketing game to the next level. MORE