Essential Elements® Helps Hydrate Your Hustle

July 20, 2023

Essential Elements is a proven game-changer this summer to support hydration and wellness needs

LOS ANGELES (July 20, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Essential elements® (EE) – the premium, science-backed sports nutrition brand – has the perfect solution for staying hydrated this scorching summer: hydration sticks. Featuring a blend of electrolytes, apple cider vinegar and buffered vitamin C to ease digestion, Essential Elements® Hydration will keep you hydrated and ready to participate in any summer activity.

“Staying hydrated is the key to staying on top of your game, especially in the summer heat”, explains Alfred Kendrick, celebrity trainer and owner of Fit Arts in Hollywood, CA. “While water is important, adding electrolytes will help keep healthy fluid levels in your blood plasma, which is critical when it’s hot, and as dehydration progresses.”

Unlike commercial sports drinks, Essential Elements’ hydration mix does not contain any added calories from sweeteners or other unnecessary additives. Instead, apple cider vinegar contains naturally-occurring electrolytes that support endurance activity performance. These zero-sugar, keto-friendly hydration sticks are also free of gluten, dairy and soy.

With 1500 mg of apple cider vinegar per serving, along with a balanced blend of sodium, potassium and chloride, Essential Elements’ hydration sticks are the best way to replenish electrolytes, stay energized and keep you on your A game all summer long, as electrolytes aid in producing energy to enhance muscle function.

Available in three thirst-quenching flavors – Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Yuzu-Lime and Watermelon-Cucumber – Essential Elements’ Hydration mixes are ideal for on-the-go activities, and can be easily thrown into beach bags, backpacks and purses to replenish electrolytes, boost immunity and increase energy quickly. Just simply mix with water for grab-and-go hydration and an electrolyte kick.

Essential Elements® also provides a variety of products and supplements that support heart, immune, hair, skin, nail and cognitive health. To learn more about Essential Elements® and their full range of products, visit http://ee.fit/ and follow on social media @essentialelementsnutrition.


Essential Elements® specializes in manufacturing premium and affordable dietary and wellness supplements. Always science-based from clinically studied, premium, raw ingredients, Essential Elements® delivers high potency products that are affordable, natural, safe and effective. Targeted testing and well controlled manufacturing processes allows them to consistently produce quality products you can trust. For more information, visit ee.fit or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.


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