ENVO Veemo SE and New LT Version Available Now for Pre-Order, May Shipping

April 25, 2024

Unique seated, pedal-assist e-trike, or ‘velomobile’ now offered in two models: with weather-protective top/windscreen or without (lower cost)

Vancouver, Canada (April, 25, 2024)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Following its acquisition last July of the Veemo velomobile, and the subsequent overhaul of some of the technology along with production and bring-to-market strategies of the unique, electric-assist e-trike, the electric micro-mobility gurus at ENVO Drive Systems are thrilled to announce the original weather-protected Veemo SE, along with a new topless LT version, are available now for preorder with shipping scheduled for May.

Preorders have well exceeded expectations, according to ENVO, with the first run of 50 SE models nearly all accounted for already, but more arriving shortly. They only recently began accepting preorders for the LT version, but they expect similar results.

The sitdown, semi-enclosed e-trike – developed to be the ultimate e-vehicle for daily commuting and general utility – features a unique design with two wheels in front and one in the rear, which adds stability over the traditional three-wheeled bike design. Considering ENVO’s long history of designing traditional e-bikes as well as unique, purpose-built e-vehicles for snow, water and 4-wheeling and more, the Veemo is an ideal addition to their line.

What most sets the original Veemo SE apart from other e-trikes is a full front windshield and a hard plastic roof which curves around the rider cockpit to protect against wind, rain, snow and other debris. An open rear ‘window’ and side ‘door’ openings help keep weight and cost down while allowing for quick entry/exit, and full ventilation.

In addition to the SE, ENVO now also offers the Veemo LT, which is virtually the same e-trike but without the screen and covering: In place of those they’ve added a front bumper and a rear seat and footpegs, thus allowing the Veemo LT to easily carry two riders and cargo, without the higher price tag of the SE.

“With over 10 years of R&D behind it, the original Veemo SE is extremely well-developed in terms of weight, performance and ergonomics, with a focus on safety, stability and weather protection,” says Founder and CEO Ali Kazemkhani. “But we believe the market, especially in areas with fairer weather, will also support a topless version that replaces the weather protection with increased cargo capability. The tech and quality of both is equally outstanding, and combined they serve a wide range of uses and users.”

The ENVO Veemo vehicles are a natural fit with their original mission: Founded by engineers in 2015, ENVO aimed to produce technologically sophisticated, yet affordable e-mobility products, but not exclusively bikes as with many other brands. Their first product, in fact, was the Electric SnowKart, a sort of mini e-snowmobile, soon followed by their first e-bike – the ENVO D35, still one of their most popular models – and their exciting new ENVO UPT all-purpose quad. They’ve even experimented with e-watercraft over the years, and their latest one is currently under development.

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About ENVO Drive Systems: ENVO Drive Systems is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to create a sustainable future by providing eco-friendly vehicles that are accessible, reliable, and affordable. We believe that electric mobility is the future, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this movement.