Enduro Bearings launches Mechanics Ambassador Program

February 16, 2022

Signs top mechanics in appreciation of their expertise and dedication; will also partner with Appalachian Bicycle Institute

Oakland, California (February 16, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Bike mechanics – or ‘wrenches’ as they’re endearingly referred to in the industry – are the unsung heroes of the cycling world; the right one can get you on the podium or fix your bike so it’s at peak performance for your weekend group ride or event. Enduro Bearings aims to shine a light on these invaluable professionals with their new mechanic ambassador program, offering technical, logistical and additional support to select professional mechanics, and those aspiring to be, across the US.

Enduro Bearings, the industry leader in providing bearings and bearing-related components with a massive array of OEM bike brands and more recently consumers, aims to raise awareness of just how critical bearing technology and upkeep is for every moving part of a bike. They’ll begin the new program immediately with an initial group of seven of the country’s most experienced mechanics, and they plan for it to continue indefinitely.

Another goal is to open this longtime male-dominated profession to more women, and their program will always endeavor to equally include highly experienced female mechanics, including four on their current roster of seven. And to help ensure future wrenches will get the base training they need, they’ll also be supporting mechanic training programs like the Appalachian Bicycle Institute (ABI).

“It’s high time the industry starts appreciating and rewarding the extremely talented women and men who fix and maintain our bikes, enabling us to be the best riders we can be,” says Chris Feucht, Enduro Brand Manager. “Our industry is quick to reward the great athletes, but without their mechanics’ support, their success is much less probable. Through our new Mechanics Ambassador Program, we’re acknowledging and rewarding key existing mechanics and programs that teach future wrenches.”

One athlete who definitely recognizes the importance of his mechanic is renowned gravel and MTB racer Yuri Hauswald, one of Enduro’s supported athletes. “I’m absolutely thrilled that Enduro will be supporting Tim (Nichols, his longtime mechanic and friend),” says Hauswald. “I’m extremely grateful for Tim’s expertise and dedication; he’s a huge contributor to my success in day-long races.”

To ensure future mechanics can aspire to be as knowledgeable and valuable as Nicholls, the Appalachian Bicycle Institute, a fully accredited program recognized by brands and retailers across the country, teaches and certifies new and current mechanics. Owner and instructor Jenny Kallista – also president of the Professional Bike Mechanics Association – is equally excited about Enduro’s support.

“Thanks to our partnership with Enduro Bearings, our curriculum includes a deep dive into bicycle bearing engineering and manufacturing,” says Kallista.”

Here’s a list of the mechanic ambassadors and their industry associations:

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