Enduro Bearings Adds Linear Bearing Press Toolset to its Workshop Line

November 22, 2023

New features improve 'tight-space' suspension bearing removal and precision installation of hub and suspension bearings

Oakland, California (November, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Enduro Bearings understands the importance of careful bearing removal to avoid damaging expensive bicycle frames and wheel hubs, followed by precise bearing installation to optimize performance and longevity. For decades, the company has offered best-in-class bicycle bearing tools and today, as an example of the company’s ongoing efforts to make life easier for professional and weekend warrior mechanics, Enduro introduces the Linear Bearing Press Toolset. available immediately with a suggested retail price of $299.00

“We’ve worked in shops and deeply appreciate the challenges mechanics face on a daily basis, especially with the quickly evolving and often more complicated frame, hub and suspension designs,” says Chris Feucht, Enduro’s Brand Manager. “The multi-feature Linear Bearing Press is designed to fit in tight spaces to efficiently and precisely remove and install bearings.”

Under development for over a year and available immediately with a suggested retail price of $299.00, the Linear Bearing Press is designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Here are key features included with Enduro’s newest workshop product:

  • Enduro’s Linear Bearing Press includes a short and medium length rods machined with the same 29-degree angled Acme thread found in high precision CNC machines. Acme threads are wider, broader, much stronger and more durable than standard V-shaped threads. Most importantly, Acme thread provides exact 90-degree force for perfect bearing seating and alignment.
  • Unlike other bearing presses which specify a plain bushing or no bearing at all, Enduro’s Linear Bearing Press features a static nut that is fitted with a precision needle bearing with ground surfaces that provide smooth, accurate, bind-free compression.
  • The Linear Bearing Press’ transformer-like Quick Handles can be combined in a variety of ways to improve bearing removal and installation. Use two short handles for tight spaces, two longer handles for more leverage or a long-short combination for ‘spin control’. The 6061 alloy handles snap into 15mm (or 5/8”) stainless nuts. In addition to the quick handles, each stainless nut will accommodate open end wrenches, socket wrenches or Allen keys to drive bearings out or seat bearings in.
  • A full compliment of the most popular bearing guides and receiver cups to ensure efficient and accurate bearing removal and installation.
  • The toolset ships in coated nylon soft roll that doubles as a seat bag.

Enduro Bearings complete line of bearings, components, tools and accessories includes over 1100 items. To learn more about the company’s assortment of workshop tools and accessories, click here.

Images of the Linear Bear Press toolset are here.

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