Encouraged by a real astronaut, ReSport helps 32 nations “Row to the Moon”

June 2, 2020

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for advanced virtual races and challenges, mapping, registration, results, and race tracking systems, successfully implemented a “Row to the Moon” virtual challenge over the past ten days in partnership with British Rowing, Rowing Australia, Rowing Canada Aviron, and Rowing New Zealand. Thirty-two nations took part and a combined 51,982,869 meters were rowed in a collaborative effort to span the distance from Earth to the moon.

In tribute to the event, astronaut David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency delivered an inspirational message over Twitter to the world’s rowers on Day 9 of the Challenge.

“Row to the Moon” proved as successful as the previous “1 Minute Challenge” organized by the same four nations, which saw nearly 3,000 participants compete to row as many meters as possible in one minute. It’s been a busy month for rowers, as they have a full slate of virtual races (500m, 1000m, 2,000m, and 5000m) in which to compete while also logging meters toward the six Distance Challenges currently underway, from “Row the Atlantic” to “Row the River Thames” and several others.

All challenges and virtual races are supported by ReSport’s real time maps, standings, and leaderboards, which allow participants to see each effort instantaneously and across all devices. All virtual races culminate in a race viewer that lets the world watch the race unfold, with a map showing all competitors in their actual positions throughout the race. Upcoming virtual events hosted on the ReSport platform include offerings from the Invictus Games Foundation, headquartered in London, DMSE Sports in Boston, and Saab Inc.

ReSport offers registration for a variety of event types, including races, camps, clinics, performances, challenges, and virtual races, through its cloud-based software. ReSport also offers interactive course mapping with unlimited routes and elevation profiles for races and tours, advance results displays, and participant tracking. All components of the platform are mobile-friendly and update in real-time, without the need for browser refresh.

To see the final Row to the Moon standings: http://resport.io/tothemoon

To learn more or create your own virtual race or challenge, email: info@ReSport.io