Elite Partners with Zwift to Launch the Sterzo Smart

August 7, 2020

An electronic steering plate for a more immersive indoor riding experience.

FONTANIVA, ITALY —  In partnership with Zwift, Elite is proud to release the STERZO SMART. The STERZO SMART is Elite’s revolutionary electronic steering plate to be used with indoor bike trainers. This innovative accessory measures the rotation angle of a rider’s handlebars as they move left and right. This allows the rider to “steer” as if they were riding outside. Compared to its previously released / mechanical counterpart, the STERZO SMART connects wirelessly to Zwift to share front wheel movement data via Bluetooth communication standards.


To use STERZO SMART, riders simply place their bike on the steering plate and connect the unit to Zwift. By pairing with the software via Bluetooth, STERZO SMART will connect to Zwift and allow the rider to control their avatar on-screen, overtake other cyclists and even position themselves to harness a draft. This makes for a more immersive and engaging indoor riding experience.


With its registered design, the STERZO SMART includes a raised support in fiber-reinforced polymeric material that also includes a rotating pivot so one can easily turn the front wheel of a bicycle and have it return easily to its original position. The rotating unit was designed to impart the greatest bicycle stability while riding a home trainer, as well as ensuring maximum freedom of wheel movement to the left and right, up to 34° rotation on each side.


  • Practical anti-slip rubber feet on the base for stability during rides as well as protecting contact surfaces from any potential scratches and abrasions.
  • Accommodates tires as wide as 56 mm.
  • A high 0.1° angular resolution for a hyper-realistic / more enjoyable indoor cycling session.
  • Powered up by AAA batteries (included), and a battery lifetime of 500 hours.

*The STERZO SMART is also available in mechanical version, the Elite STERZO.

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