ECHOS Communications Announces REVEAL Live Streaming Global Media Conference

March 12, 2020

Late April Conference Designed to Give Cycling and Lifestyle Brands a Launchpad for 20/21 Products; Media Able to Patch in from Anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO – March 12, 2020– The unfortunate postponement or cancellation of major industry trade shows creates a significant loss for the bike industry, and other events may follow. Brands rely on these annual events to launch and showcase their latest products and innovations, and the media are eager to hear the stories behind them. At the core, industry events are the cultural glue, bringing people together and creating an atmosphere for authentic storytelling.

The Global Media Conference is a live streaming event that creates an opportunity for brands to present their products to a worldwide media audience, and offers journalists – located anywhere in the world – with the opportunity to watch and hear about the latest. More than a product presentation, the conference is designed to open up dialogue via live Q & A between journalists and brand managers.

“ECHOS will continue to be invested in the major industry trade shows, but we wanted to provide a level of continuity – a way for brands and media to connect despite these unfortunate events,” said Rob Reedy, CEO, ECHOS Communications. “The live streaming event is designed to be an effective way for brands to present the launch of their products while limiting or eliminating travel.”

Scheduled for April 29th and 30th, 2020, the event will be live-streamed from Camp Navarro in Mendocino, Calif., and is being produced in collaboration with Evan Dudley, co-founder of Outpost Trade and Principal of Exact Change.

Event Details:

The conference will have digital and physical environments. The digital component is a custom web portal that will host the experience with landing pages where participating brands can post product and lifestyle images, brand/product videos, press releases, scheduled times for the brand presentations and the ability to view the live streaming event directly on the page.

The physical location, Camp Navarro, is located north of the San Francisco Bay Area. Camp Navarro is where the live streaming conference will be hosted and powered by a production team, MC, commentator, camera operators, programmer, and moderator to handle questions and manage dialog with participants.

Brands can choose to participate remotely or – for those located in the immediate area – brand managers can come in-person to present their products on stage and take questions from the participating journalists. Support staff will be on hand to provide a seamless experience, and all brand assets will be provided to the journalists, along with a schedule of specific times for each brand’s presentation.

Brands can expect: 

  • Dedicated face time with a live audience of journalists to provide the story behind their new products in their own words. Presentation time will be based on the amount of products, complexity, and engagement level of the audience Q&A.
  • All media assets delivered to the journalists
  • Digital booth space / landing page to host all product information in one space
  • Opportunity to play a video during program transitions or specific times during the event
  • The flexibility to ship or deliver product that will be presented at Camp Navarro and have a return shipment directly after
  • The ability to invite dealers, reps, and distributors worldwide to view the live presentation

Media can expect:

  • A schedule provided with timing of live brand presentations
  • Brand assets provided
  • Opportunity to engage with each brand through Q&A sessions
  • Separate dedicated bike and lifestyle brand sessions
  • Log in, sit back with a drink, and pretend you’re at Camp Navarro

Brands interested in participating can find out more information by contacting ECHOS at info@echoscomm.com

RSVP for journalists interested in joining the presentations: https://forms.gle/zUHxK67dPzq4qu5Q9

About ECHOS: Founded in 2009, ECHOS Communications is a leader in authentic public relations for active lifestyle, outdoor, consumer technology, and cycling brands. ECHOS specializes in media relations, storytelling, social engagement and brand activations. https://echoscomm.com