Don’t Stop Be-Leafing with the Fall Edition RunnerBox and RiderBox

November 5, 2020

On October 1st, The RunnerBox and The RiderBox debuted their Fall Edition box, boasting a mix of seasonal items to help subscribers fuel and recover from training while warming the soul with high-quality nutrition inspired by the season’s favorite flavors.

Fall usually brings rest and recovery, however this year virtual events and rescheduled races have kept the season rolling that little while longer. So, whether you’re hitting PR’s or slowing down, the Fall Edition has something for you.

Courteney Lowe, The RunnerBox and RiderBox COO, said “Fall is a great time of year to slow things down and work on strength and body-maintenance, but this year is different with virtual races still going strong. With this in mind, our team has put together an edition that will help you through that last block of training. Or, if you’re calling time-out on the 2020 season, to get you motivated to go again shortly.”

The RB Team’s top fall picks will go out to all current subscribers as well as those who sign-up before the November 29th deadline. Check out this edition’s featured products:

Aftershokz doesn’t just supply some of the best headphones for training (ever), but they also make RunnerBox subscribers’ lives that little bit easier with their sport belt. It’s ideal for storing your phone, keys, wallet, or RunnerBox snacks. Plus, it’s lightweight, waterproof, and made with reflective material that will keep you visible at night.

Bobo’s combines organic cinnamon and tart apples to create a delicious, wholesome, energy-packed apple pie oat bar that subscribers will apple-solutely love. The RB team enjoys these during high-intensity training or topped with vanilla ice-cream for a healthy version of a fall-favorite dessert.

Health Bear Oat Porridge provides subscribers with a quick grab-and-go breakfast for a healthy, energy-packed, plant-based start to the day. Enjoy with warm almond milk at least 1.5 hours before your training session.

Naked keeps snacking satisfying with their Wholesome Yogi mix of heart healthy nuts and pumpkin seeds with a touch of sweetness from cranberries and Greek yogurt chips. Best consumed during those hangry days as a convenient, healthful snack to keep you on top of your blood sugars and nice to be around.

Liquid I.V. puts a stop to subscribers’ dehydration with their energy multiplier for use during hard, short workouts and hydration multiplier for use throughout the day or during long, easy sessions.

Noka provides subscribers with a convenient, plant-based, resealable smoothie you can take with you anywhere, anytime without a blender or a fridge. It’s a fantastic addition on long, easy training days for a combination of fast and slow energy release.

Parlett Nutrition keeps subscribers’ muscles recovered and ready to go again and again with their whey protein isolate sachets. When consumed directly after a hard workout, the protein found in these sachets will help to repair tissues damaged by exercise allowing the recovery time to shorten dramatically.

Laiki black and red rice crackers give subscribers a satisfying, guilt-free snack that is loaded with 21g of whole grains in every serving. Perfect as an afternoon snack, dipped in hummus for an energy-booster , or to get through the day’s grind.

Scramblers take omelets to a new level with this first ever shelf-stable, ready to eat, egg-based bar that is egg-ceptional as a low carb, high protein snack when life gets busy. A quick 20 seconds in the microwave and you have a fantastic, protein-packed snack without the need of a fridge.

Ora’s Herbal Lip Balm will protect, moisturize, and soothe your lips during these cooler, crack-prone Fall days. It’s a perfect addition to your pocket when out training for easy, lip-saving access.

Thunderbird provides subscribers with a delicious, real-food energy bar made with only fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices including a fall favorite – pumpkin seeds. The RB team love this Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Bar during long, easy training days for slow, nutritionally packed energy release.

Twin Springs provides RiderBox subscribers a bar of soap in the form of a twist-up container to make traveling with your trusted all-natural soap leak-free and easy. Don’t be smelly; bring your soap.

Muc-Off will keep riders’ bikes clean, protected, and lubed in the safest and most effective way possible with their wash, detailer, and C3 dry lube samples this Fall.