DEKA FIT Announces Partnership with GET RX’D to Introduce Xebex Sleds for Zone 9

April 11, 2024

BOSTON, MASS. (4/11/2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – DEKA FIT, the leading fitness event series revolutionizing the way athletes train and compete, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with GET RX’D, a premier provider of high-quality fitness equipment. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the DEKA FIT experience. Together, they’ve elevated the adrenaline-pumping Zone 9 sled push at DEKA FIT events nationwide.

DEKA FIT isn’t your average fitness challenge—it’s a heart-pounding fusion of functional fitness, obstacle racing, and sheer determination, providing athletes of all levels with a unique and exhilarating fitness experience. Zone 9, an integral part of the DEKA FIT course, challenges participants to showcase their strength, speed, and endurance by pushing a sled over a designated distance.

“We are thrilled to partner with GET RX’D to include the Xebex sled in Zone 9 for our DEKA FIT athletes,” said Yancy Culp Sr. Director, DEKA. “GET RX’D’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to provide athletes with the tools they need to push beyond their boundaries and achieve their fitness goals.” The partnership between DEKA FIT and GET RX’D underscores a shared dedication to empowering athletes and promoting a culture of health and wellness. Together, they aim to inspire individuals to embrace the challenge, celebrate fitness, and unlock their full potential.

“We are proud to partner with DEKA FIT and support their mission of redefining fitness events,” said Michael Lian, Co-Owner of GET RX’D. “The Xebex Sled is designed to withstand the rigors of intense training, and we are excited to see DEKA FIT athletes rise to the challenge and conquer DEKA Zone 9.”

The partnership between DEKA FIT and GET RX’D debuted at last year’s World Championship in Dallas Texas and will continue to provide athletes with an unparalleled fitness experience through 2026.

About DEKA:

Spartan DEKA is the decathlon of hybrid fitness racing, featuring standardized and gamified fitness tests, events, training, and competition designed to allow ALL levels the opportunity to celebrate the power of fitness. DEKA stands out in the field as an innovator through the DEKA Affiliate Program, providing fitness business operators the opportunity to earn revenue through hosting official Spartan DEKA events, challenges, and classes inside their brick-and-mortar facilities. With 10-30 events each weekend and 1,000+ annual events worldwide, DEKA has opened the door for people of all walks of life to train, test, and thrive in what has now become a globally recognized sport. To learn more, visit deka.fit.

About GET RX’D:

Get RX’d is a leading functional fitness and strength training equipment supplier with 30+ years of experience in design, manufacturing, and distribution to traditional gyms and club markets worldwide. We pride ourselves on three key points: innovation, quality, and affordability. Our mission is to share these values with fitness enthusiasts all around the globe through our expansive equipment catalog of over 2,000 products. Visit www.getrxd.com to learn more about Get RX’d equipment.