deboer wetsuits introduces the Ocean 1.0 wetsuit

October 17, 2020

Designed for athletes who never back down from a challenge

Stamford, CT – October 17, 2020. deboer wetsuits is proud to introduce the Ocean 1.0 wetsuit.  deboer took the flexibility from the Flōh 1.0 wetsuit, integrated a ThermaFur thermal lining, and designed an Ocellus pattern for improved visibility to produce the world first performance thermal wetsuit.  When an athlete braves the elements they need the right equipment to get the job done, and the deboer Ocean 1.0 wetsuit opens up a world of new open water swimming opportunities.

Jan Frodeno – 3x Ironman World Champion and World Record Holder

“deboer has really outdone itself with this wetsuit.  The Ocean 1.0 has a liner inside that’s so comfortable it’s a little bit like wearing pajamas.  And then you get in the water and it still has all the flexibility you expect from a deboer wetsuit. In endurance sports I think the tendency is to go towards adventure.  I’m soft when it comes to being cold so it’s really cool to have the right equipment to get to take on some incredible adventures.”

Ocean 1.0 – Redefine what’s possible. MSRP $1399

  • ThermaFur thermal lining
  • Ocellus pattern for increased visibility
  • Super light 44Cell HBF-Limestone WhaleSkin™ neoprene
  • 1.5mm UltraFlex shoulders and arms construction
  • Taped sleeves inside the wrist to keep cold water out
  • Made for Cold Temperatures down to 8°C / 46°F



ThermaFur is a specially designed thermal lining developed in conjunction with deboer engineers and some of the top athletes in the world. ThermaFur reflects the athletes body heat to keep them warm in cold-water swims.  ThermaFur is a polyester based brushed thermal lining with a water repellent quick dry coating.  The water repellent quick dry coating allows ThermaFur to be considerably lighter and more effective than traditional thermal wetsuit linings.


The Ocellus pattern increases the visibility of a swimmer.  The Ocellus pattern is strategically placed on each shoulder, the point of the elbows, and the back of the calves so that a swimmer can be spotted from a distance by another swimmer, a spectator on shore, or someone on a water vessel.  The monarch color was chosen because it has been proven to subconsciously trigger an alert signal in anyone who sees it – this will help keep the athlete safer in open water.

WhaleSkin™ – HBF Limestone Rib Neoprene

Limestone neoprene has a high micro-cell structure. These are independent closed cells (like bubbles) within the neoprene that are packed together at extremely high density. Limestone neoprene has a 94% cell penetration – over 30% more than oil-based neoprene leading to greater impermeability, lightness, warmth, durability and stretch with memory allowing more freedom of movement. Our WhaleSkin™ rib neoprene increases the surface by 18.3%, which in turn increases buoyancy and ultimately increases your speed. In addition, it’s more environmentally friendly.


Warmer than our other materials yet is still incredibly flexible and highly durable. Our exclusive polymer is fingernail tear proof. It has advanced shape memory, 4-way super stretch, and is lined with an ultra-flexible insulating lining also with 4-way stretch.

You can find the deboer Ocean 1.0 wetsuit on the deboer website, www.deboerwetsuits.com.  You can find deboer wetsuits on Instagram www.instagram.com/deboerwetsuits/, and on Facebook www.facebook.com/deboerwetsuits/.

Contact Info:

Name: Daniel Clarke
Organization: deboer wetsuits
Email: daniel.clarke@deboerwetsuits.com