Creators of Fast Talk Podcast Launch Fast Talk Laboratories, a New Coaching and Education Membership

November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020 – Boulder, Colorado, USA – Trevor Connor and Chris Case, creators of the Fast Talk podcast, have launched a new endurance sports coaching, education, and community membership called Fast Talk Laboratories at www.fasttalklabs.com. Tapping world-class experts and podcast guests, Fast Talk Laboratories helps cyclists, triathletes, and runners to discover training science and get more enjoyment from endurance sports.

Fast Talk Laboratories offers coaching, content, and community through four membership levels. The Laboratory Membership is the highest level, offering personal coaching through a new concept called endurance mentorship. Launching in January, athletes can apply for this level to get personalized coaching and sports nutrition guidance from coach Trevor Connor and Head Coach Ryan Kohler, formerly of the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

“Fast Talk Laboratories is an evolution of personal coaching,” said CEO Trevor Connor. “Many athletes stagnate under traditional coaching services because they are all treated the same with templated, online training plans and occasional check-ins with a coach. Our lab is very different because we will focus on raising an athlete’s knowledge of the science, so they are always challenged and able to take ownership of their own training.”

“We’re bringing the approach of a national performance training center home to athletes,” said Kohler. “With COVID winter coming, this is the perfect time for athletes to invest in their training knowledge, join an enthusiastic training community, and get more out of virtual group workouts.”

Two mid-priced levels offer access to the heart of the program, which is a mixture of multimedia content, small group coaching, live events, and community interaction. Members at these levels can join live events including social and structured virtual workouts and live webinars and Q&A sessions. They get access to online articles, technique workshops, video workouts, and a moderated forum covering a range of training topics. A free level offers access to limited-time free content plus scannable, searchable transcripts of all Fast Talk podcast episodes.

“Fast Talk Laboratories is designed to develop athletes from within,” said Cofounder and COO Chris Case. “We’ve extended the themes of the Fast Talk podcast—making training science accessible to athletes—through a spectrum of new live and online touchpoints so our members can get faster.”

Fast Talk Laboratories taps experts, coaches, and past Fast Talk podcast guests like Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Andrew Pruitt, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and coaches Grant Holicky, Julie Young, Colby Pearce, and Jess Elliott. “By drawing from our deep pool of contributors and guests, members will enjoy a variety of topics unlike any available in endurance sports,” commented Case.

Through content, community, and coaching interactions with experts, Fast Talk Laboratories exposes members to revolutionary training science and evidence-based methods. By making training science accessible to athletes, Fast Talk Laboratories helps each member discover his or her own potential.

About Fast Talk Laboratories

Fast Talk Laboratories is a new coaching, education, and community membership from the creators of the Fast Talk podcast, Chris Case and Trevor Connor. Our Lab has sprung from the dynamic community of listeners and guests of the Fast Talk podcast, originally hosted by VeloNews. We tap the most engaging experts in endurance sports to share their knowledge and experience with our members through new media formats, live events, and coaching guidance. Fast Talk Laboratories is based in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more at www.fasttalklabs.com.

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