Core-Tex Fitness Reactive Trainer Is Like Christmas For Your Hips

December 3, 2020

Fitness, training and physical therapy trainer used by professional athletes and elite training facilities is now available for home fitness

(San Diego, CA – December 3, 2020) Reactive Training, a company known for manufacturing fitness and therapy used by gyms and professional leagues worldwide, answers the call to home gym fitness monotony with the consumer launch of the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer. Core-Tex is known for their products that are used by elite athletes and pro sports teams globally, alongside gyms, hospitals and training facilities. In response to customer feedback, particularly from the home fitness architects, Core-Tex is now offering the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer to consumers, enabling them to train in 3D, just like the pros. The new sleek all-black version of the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer is portable, versatile and will complement any home gym set up.

Functionality, price point, footprint and total engagement make Core-Tex the all-in-one dynamic training, strength and metabolic conditioning tool to meet today’s environment. “It’s like Christmas for your hips,” said Core-Tex inventor and internationally recognized biomechanics expert Anthony Carey. “The mobility aspect of Core-Tex is its secret weapon that so many of us are in need of to gain strength, flexibility and function pain-free. Our hips are a foundation to our bodies and the Reactive Trainer trains hip, spine and lower back mobility to help prevent injury, improve sports performance and most important, help people move better, feel better and perform better.”

Brian Ngyuen ATC, CSCS, NASM Master Instructor and trainer to Mark Wahlberg and multiple NFL players attests to the immediate and profound improvements in flexibility created with specific applications on the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer. “Core-Tex hits the muscles and joints with angles and movements like nothing else can,” Ngyuen comments. “You’ll find those ‘mini’ muscles and motions that not only set the foundation for big gains in strength, power and definition, but also help you move better.”

The unique patented design of the 30” Core-Tex platform allows the dish to move along 3 ball transfers, creating a simultaneous tilt, slide and unrestricted rotation environment of reactive variability that continually challenges the muscles in new ways while naturally avoiding injury-producing repetitive movements. Offering over 100 exercise options and video education the Core-Tex delivers an extremely smooth and responsive experience that spans strength, stability, balance and therapy. By gifting you core, balance, strength, metabolic conditioning and mobility, the Core-Tex has your home workout covered and is truly Christmas for your hips.

To learn more and watch a demo video visit: https://coretexfitness.com/collections/core-tex-rt/products/core-tex-reactive-trainer-black

About Reactive Training

Reactive Training, LLC, is the privately held manufacturer of Core-Tex. The San Diego-based company’s innovative Core-Tex is used in physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams, private studios, and health clubs worldwide.


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