Climbing with Refugees: Mammut Becomes a Partner of the Non-Profit Organization Climbaid

November 5, 2020

MAMMUT has entered into a partnership with the non-profit organization ClimbAID to work together on humanitarian projects allowing refugees to discover the joy of climbing.

United by their shared passion for mountain sports and climbing, MAMMUT and the Swiss non-profit organization ClimbAID are embarking on a partnership designed to allow people affected by war, poverty and displacement to discover the joy of climbing. This long-term cooperation will focus on the implementation of humanitarian projects in Switzerland, Lebanon, Greece and beyond.

ClimbAID and MAMMUT share the conviction that, as an activity that brings people together, climbing can play a role in tackling health challenges such as depression, trauma and anxiety. ClimbAID’s climbing sessions focus on helping people experience their own physical and mental strength, fostering awareness of nature, and trust and respect for others. Over the last four years, ClimbAID founder Beat Baggenstos has already had many opportunities to witness the positive influence of climbing sports on personal development: “My aim was and remains to introduce children and young people to the joy of climbing to promote a sense of achievement. Climbing allows them to develop their social skills, improve their communication, learn problem-solving strategies, perseverance and teamwork – skills that will serve them well in everyday life.” And, of course, climbing with others is also simply a chance to meet new people and have fun. Founded with the aim of opening up new perspectives for young Syrian refugees in Lebanon, ClimbAID has now worked with over 2,000 refugees in different projects in Switzerland, Lebanon and Greece.

In future, ClimbAID and MAMMUT also intend to work together to foster the holistic development of young people. As a partner, MAMMUT is providing equipment as well as financial support. In doing so, the commitment of both organizations has strong foundations based on shared values. This is confirmed by Beat Baggenstos: “With MAMMUT, we are pleased to have found a partner who campaigns for diversity in mountain sports and climbing, and also works consistently to improve its own environmental and social footprint.” The two organizations will be able to learn from each other in different areas and derive mutual benefit. For example, it is hoped that new collaborative platforms will make it even easier for people with a refugee background to gain access to the mountains.

The partnership is also a logical step for Mammut CEO Oliver Pabst: “Our shared passion for the mountains and, in particular, our concerted efforts for positive change make us ideal partners.” In essence, the motivations are the same, commented Oliver Pabst: “We want to enable people to have moving and formative experiences through the world of the mountains, which will bring them forward as individuals and as a community.” ClimbAID and MAMMUT are therefore convinced that this partnership offers a unique shared opportunity to help create a bright future for young people.

About ClimbAID

ClimbAID is a non-profit organization founded in September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. Under the motto “Climbing for Peace”, ClimbAID focuses on humanitarian projects with an emphasis on climbing and other alpine sports activities. In particular, the main focus of ClimbAID’s project work is to foster young people’s holistic development into autonomous, social, self- and environmentally aware actors. In recognition of its efforts, the organization was nominated for the BEYOND GLOBAL SPORTS AWARDS 2020, in the category “Health & Wellbeing.”



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