Challenge Lisboa: ‘In this special week, we look forward even more to September 25’

March 26, 2021

It is with great enthusiasm, passion and pleasure that CHALLENGE LISBOA Race Director Gustavo Caraça and his team are looking forward to September 25. At that date CHALLENGE LISBOA is scheduled, according to Garaça a nice goal for at least a thousand athletes.

“For us and lots of athletes it’s a special week right now, because actually CHALLENGE LISBOA was supposed to take place this Saturday, March 27. We had to postpone that date a few months ago, because all the COVID-19 measures prevented us from organizing a race in a safe way. Maybe even more than usual, we can’t wait to see all those athletes at our start in September,” said Caraça.

Athletes who register for CHALLENGE LISBOA will be racing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and can also bring their families, as there are different distances and therefore challenges for everyone. In addition, athletes will enjoy Portugese hospitality, a great cuisine and a lovely climate. “In that respect, moving on to September is actually only a good thing: then the weather is often much better than in the spring. Athletes are undoubtedly going to enjoy that”, Caraça explains.

The course of CHALLENGE LISBOA is well known as very fast, since the bike part takes almost entirely place on a closed highway. “Athletes who are looking to break a personal record are therefore in the right place at our race. But of course all athletes are welcome: even those who don’t necessarily want to be fast and just want to enjoy an accessible and enjoyable race.

Just like CHALLENGE LISBOA Race Director Gustavo Garaça, CHALLENGE FAMILY CEO Jort Vlam is also looking forward to CHALLENGE LISBOA. “It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, and having to reschedule races is obviously not fun. I have seen how the CHALLENGE LISBOA team worked every day to find a new date and when they found it – September 25 – they worked very hard to be able to organize a great race by that time. With all their expertise and this amazing location, they will undoubtedly succeed.”


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