Challenge Family Partners with TrainingPeaks

July 28, 2022

Challenge Family and TrainingPeaks today announced a global partnership to help athletes of all abilities achieve their peak race condition for Challenge Family events around the world.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Challenge Family and TrainingPeaks today announced a global partnership to help athletes of all abilities achieve their peak race condition for Challenge Family events around the world. The partnership further highlights Challenge Family’s commitment to the athlete journey throughout the year, from registration to race day.

TrainingPeaks is the global leader in providing expert instruction from the world’s best triathlon coaches. The all-in-one training platform — including the app, training plans and coaching services such as Coach Match — takes the guesswork out of preparing for a Challenge Family event.

The Challenge Family coaches are respected Danish athlete and coach, Michelle Vesterby, and established Spanish long-course coaching specialists, Resistentia. There are currently 12 Challenge Family training plans from each coach to choose from, depending on if the race is middle or long distance, if the course is flat or hilly and what the athlete’s target time is.

“Our focus is on helping the athlete be the best they can be on race day and getting the most out of their triathlon experience,” said Jort Vlam, Challenge Family CEO. “Partnering with TrainingPeaks provides Challenge Family athletes with access to a range of dedicated training plans. Whether first timers or seasoned athletes, these specialist training plans will help athletes meet their goals and provide structure to their training as they balance work, sport and family life. TrainingPeaks and Challenge Family both share the same passion for helping athletes achieve their sporting dreams and we look forward to working together to help these dreams become a reality.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Challenge Family to offer expert instruction from the world’s best triathlon coaches to help athletes reach their starting line prepared and confident,” said Dirk Friel, TrainingPeaks co-founder and Chief Evangelist. “TrainingPeaks has long been trusted as the preferred training platform for triathletes of all distances and skill levels. Challenge Family event participants will now be able to choose from dozens of curated training plans specific to their event — wherever in the world it may be. Using our industry-leading training software, athletes can quickly upload training data, compare planned versus completed workouts, add notes and make data-informed decisions about their training.”

Trusted by the world’s best endurance coaches and athletes, TrainingPeaks merges data from your favorite training platforms and devices all in one place, allowing you to plan workouts, track fitness improvements and analyse training to help reach goals stronger, healthier and faster.

For further information, visit https://www.trainingpeaks.com/partners/challenge-family/.


About TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks creates endurance training apps and solutions that help athletes and coaches reach their goals. Featuring the world’s largest endurance training marketplace, athletes can find personalized training plans, accredited coaches and powerful tools to track their progress. Coaches can earn accreditation, reach more athletes and grow their coaching business. Additional products include the Run With Hal adaptive training apps, and WKO5 desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis. TrainingPeaks is trusted by Tour de France teams, world champions, Olympians, age-group athletes and coaches around the world. Learn more at trainingpeaks.com.

About Challenge Family

Celebrating 20 years of Challenge in 2022 and with over 30 long and middle distance triathlons around the globe featuring spectacular courses in iconic destinations, no Challenge Family race is like any other. Focusing on delivering the race of a lifetime to athletes of all ages and abilities, Challenge Family races provide unforgettable experiences that capture all the excitement and emotions of this inspirational sport for competitors, friends, family and supporters alike. #allabouttheathlete #wearetriathlon