Challenge Family announces Challenge Family & Friends pro ambassadors

March 9, 2020

They are some of the best athletes in the world and therefore it is with huge excitement that CHALLENGE FAMILY announces the next CHALLENGE FAMILY & FRIENDS Pro Ambassadors: Radka Kahlefeldt (CZE), Laura Siddall (GBR), Steve McKenna (AUS), Kieran Lindars (GBR) and Pablo Dapena González (SPA).

“We are so proud of these athletes as ambassadors, because they are the embodiment of what we stand for with CHALLENGE FAMILY: being family focussed, having fun and enjoying the sport, enthusiasm, perseverance and the drive to become better every day. Radka, Laura, Steve, Kieran and Pablo are all very passionate athletes that we have come to know as real icons within the sport”, says CHALLENGE FAMILY CEO Jort Vlam.

One of the ambassadors, Pablo Dapena González, thinks exactly the same way and is looking forward to his ambassadorship. “I’m really proud to be one of the ambassadors for 2020. From my point of view every brand needs people that are representing it. In my case I’m racing around 6-7 CHALLENGE FAMILY races per year and I have a really good connection with all the race directors about if I like the race, if they can change any part of the course and interesting stuff like this. In short this ambassadorship means a great recognition from CHALLENGE FAMILY to me and I’m extremely grateful for that.”

Incidentally, CHALLENGE FAMILY is expanding its CHALLENGE FAMILY & FRIENDS ambassadorship this year by also appointing Age Groupers as ambassadors. Twelve athletes from all over the world will represent CHALLENGE FAMILY and in exchange all ambassadors will receive free CHALLENGE FAMILY merchandise, benefit from CHALLENGE FAMILY sponsor deals and get a free registration for two CHALLENGE FAMILY events. CHALLENGE FAMILY has now chosen these ambassadors out of thousands applications from all over the world: Daniel Welsch, Zsofia Toth, Valeria Kleiner, Sabine Geyer, Anna Weinhardt, Shane Kent, Ronald Matamoros, Caterina Vacchi, Alexey Panfilov, Juan Pazos Eiroa, Shaun Crowley and Rajes Durbal.