Challenge Almere-Amsterdam announces Wahoo as new Presenting Partner:

August 12, 2021

nice promotions coming up

Video link available here

“It’s all about time. It’s time to race. It’s time for the World Championships Long Distance Triathlon in Almere. It’s time to announce our new Presenting Sponsor. It’s time for Wahoo.” With these words, the new Presenting Sponsor of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM was just presented with a video release: Wahoo Fitness.

Wahoo Fitness is already Global Partner of CHALLENGEFAMILY but will now focus more specifically on CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM as well, explains CEO Mike Saturnia. “We are very much looking forward to working with CHALLENGEFAMILY on such an iconic race and to contribute to this significant milestone in its history”, he looks forward to the fortieth edition of the race. “ CHALLENGEFAMILY has been instrumental in our focus on the sport of triathlon, so it makes perfect sense for us to expand our support for this event. We have several great plans to have our Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Multisport watch play a prominent role in Almere, both leading up to and during CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM.”

Jort Vlam, CEO of CHALLENGEFAMILY, adds: “Almere this year is of course dedicated to forty years of triathlon history, indeed a milestone in the history of our race and also a milestone in the history of triathlon in general. We are the second-oldest Long Distance triathlon in the world and right now, when everything is about ‘time’ and milestones, we are immensely proud that a wonderful brand like Wahoo Fitness is coming to strengthen our race.”

Vlam continues when he explains that athletes are going to notice a lot of this. “In the coming weeks – and we’ll be starting on very short notice from now – we’re going to be raffling off no less than forty Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL sport watches, Wahoo’s newest and recently launched model, among our athletes. For this we have come up with some very nice and diverse promotions. In the coming period you will see these promotions and how to win via our website and social media.”

Richard Belderok, Race Director of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM, is also more than happy with the new collaboration. “We are really looking forward to this year’s World Championships in Almere and we will do everything we can to make it as great an experience as possible for the athlete. Thanks to Wahoo we can go that extra mile.”

CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM will take place this year from September 9 to September 12. The World Championships Long Distance and World Championships Aquabike will be held on September 12.