Carmichael Training Systems to Launch Virtual Training on the Velocity Platform

January 5, 2024

Highland Park, Illinois, January 5, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – CTS will launch its virtual cycling and strength programs this month on the Velocity platform as a subscription service offering. Live and on-demand virtual cycling workouts and strength workouts will be made available through the “CTS Live” subscription. The workouts will be led by CTS’s elite coaches and provide a level of direct interaction and access that hasn’t been previously available.

“This is a unique opportunity for CTS coaches to connect with current and prospective athletes while instructing meaningful workouts and providing insightful guidance. There is nothing else like it on the market today. The platform is robust, capable and polished. Notably, the real-time feedback to the athlete from the coach, on-screen data, and useful gamification sets this platform apart from all others” said Jeff Pierce, CEO of Carmichael Training Services.

In addition to the core subscription business, CTS will be able to host special events and structured plans on the Velocity platform.

“CTS is one of the most respected coaching companies in the US and abroad, so it’s privilege to have them chose Velocity for their virtual training. Their elite coaches have already embraced the platform and it’s going to be exciting to help them establish more powerful connections with their athletes” said Robbie Ventura, President of Velocity.

To learn more about joining Velocity as a coach, please visit: www.vqvelocity.com.

For inquiries or interviews, please contact John Nichols at jnichols@vqvelocity.com

About Velocity Indoor Cycling

Velocity is an end-to-end SaaS solution for coaches to operate their virtual cycling businesses. Leveraging integrated real-time metrics and a video-based platform, Velocity enables coaches to lead live workout to share in-the-moment feedback and guidance to their athletes, strengthen and grow their communities and improve athlete retention. When live workouts are completed, they become immediately available for on-demand access or replays (Just like a live class, but the coach video is recording). Every coach has their own private business on the platform that limits athlete exposure to only their content and can be customized to brand. With optional direct marketing integrations and payment management tools, Velocity can be a complete “business-in-a-box”.

There are currently over 60 coaching groups operating their own private businesses on Velocity which a sample of include GreshFit, My Cycling Coach, Z28 Coaching, and Endurance Fit.