Can’d Aid Partners with Royal Family KIDS for Majority of Do-Goodery at Your Doorstep Donations

July 6, 2020

Assemble art kits, skateboards and/or bikes right at home, to be donated to local children in foster care, through Can’d Aid’s partnership with Royal Family KIDS.

Do-goodery at Your Doorstep, benefiting Royal Family KIDSCan’d Aid, a nationally recognized nonprofit focused on people powered do-goodery, is delivering an opportunity to give back to kids in your community in foster care — right to your doorstep.

Get some friends together, or your co-workers and put together art kits, assemble skateboards or build bikes then donate them to local children in foster care through Can’d Aid’s partnership with Royal Family KIDS. Rally your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your business or organization (either virtually or safely distanced) and get in on the do-goodery today.

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Looking for a way to give back right now? Eating out less these days, looking to give back with those savings? Maybe you are a business or organization looking to do some good for your neighborhood? Our Do-Goodery at Your Doorstep program gives back to your local community while continuing and supporting safe social distancing measures for all.

“Our partnership with Royal Family KIDS is instrumental,” says Diana Ralston, Executive Director at Can’d Aid. “Having always been focused on providing moments that matter, Royal Family KIDS transforms communities by interrupting cycles of neglect, abuse and abandonment of children in the foster care system through mentoring and summer camps.”

“We’re proud to be able to provide a healthy, creative and active outlet for a child in foster care through Can’d Aid’s Do-Goodery program,” says Paul Martin, CEO of Royal Family KIDS.  ‘Making a major difference in a foster child’s life, many of whom have been adversely affected by stay-at-home measures, is our number one priority during these difficult times.”

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Can’d Aid ships everything you need — including equipment, helmets, tools and step-by-step instructions.

  • YOU and your team carve out time to build the bikes, skateboards or assemble art kits.
  • Once complete, the Can’d Aid team will help coordinate your donation drop-off. Please note, you will be responsible for delivering the supplies to a local recipient organization.
  • Can kids help? Certainly! This is a great activity for children to get involved and give back. However, the bikes and skateboards require tools and sharp objects, so adult supervision is necessary.

Can’d Aid has created several projects to choose from with varying quantities and price points. All funds are a donation to Can’d Aid, directly supporting the execution of this program.

Can’t commit the time or funds to Do-Goodery at Your Doorstep right now? Consider donating today’s coffee budget to Can’d Aid and give back to a child in foster care.  Donate Now

Our Do-goodery at your Doorstep kits can be delivered nationwide, we’ll coordinate alongside Royal Family KIDS to a local foster care organization for you to donate your kits to and drop them off.

PHOTOS:      https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IyhwZJg-RSkd8tgNpZn1MERLgXzmhXWE?usp=sharing


Diana Ralston, Can’d Aid Executive Director  |  diana@candaid.org  |  970-275-5156

Amanda Goad, PR  |  PR@candaid.org  |  970-403-4101

About Can’d Aid

Can’d Aid spreads people powered do-goodery through Towns, Tunes, Treads & Trails and Love Yur Mama efforts nationwide. Core programs develop healthy and whole humans capable and inspired to nurture a healthy and whole planet. Since its inception in 2013, more than 1.7 million cans of water have been shipped post-disaster, over 4,600 bikes and skateboards have been built for underserved youth, 2,100 instruments have been donated and the equivalent of 72 million cans recycled. To donate, join the do-goodery or find out more, please visit candaid.org.

About Royal Family Kids

For more than 30 years, Royal Family KIDS has recognized that family-induced childhood trauma, coupled with inadequacies in current systems to provide support needed for healing has resulted in intergenerational cycles of harm/damage for children, families and societies. RFK’s network of over 15,000 vetted and trained volunteers intervenes in the lives of children that have been neglected, abused and abandoned through advocacy, summer camps and yearlong mentoring programs. With over 150 million orphaned children around the world, and that number only rising, RFK’s 252 chapters across the globe are equipped to improve life outcomes and transform their communities. Learn more at rfk.org.