Brompton Bicycle Launches Campaign for Movement

November 11, 2020

The iconic British bike brand partners with Transportation Alternatives for bike advocacy in New York City

NEW YORK (November 11, 2020) – Brompton Bicycle, the London-based manufacturer of the iconic Brompton folding bike, launches its Campaign for Movement initiative today along with a partnership with Transportation Alternatives, a New York City-based advocacy group leading the movement for safe, equitable streets.

“Campaign for Movement is a call for New York City to realize the tremendous impact physical movement has on health and wellbeing. Never before have so many people taken cycling and walking as their primary form of transportation. We must use this momentum to transform our city into a happier and healthier place to live”, said Peter Yuskauskas, vice president of marketing and retail for Brompton North America. “By embracing alternate modes of transport, we will not only improve and strengthen the physical and mental health of our communities, but dramatically reduce our daily carbon emissions as well.”

Campaign for Movement will aim to gain support for public policy that will make cycling easier and more accessible in all five boroughs as well as providing New Yorkers with opportunities to discover the joy and power of cycling for transportation. The campaign will focus on hosting a series of virtual and in-person events leading up to the 2021 New York City mayoral election. The events will begin with thought leadership panels from the NYC community including elected officials, urban planners, everyday New Yorkers and activists for bike advocacy which will serve as a platform for discussing new ideas in making New York City’s streets more equitable for all.

“Bicycling is booming in New York as more and more of us opt onto two wheels to get to work, run errands, or just explore our city,” said Danny Harris, executive director of Transportation Alternatives. “Right now, it’s critical that New York City meet this moment with infrastructure and policies that make it easier to get around our city without a car. The Campaign for Movement helps build on TA’s decades of advocacy for safer streets for all New Yorkers, and we’re thrilled to see this movement grow as New York City recovers.”

In parallel to this work in policy and grounded in its vision for the future, Brompton, its partners, and the nearly 1,000 member Brompton NYC riding club will offer new riders certifications in safe riding, navigation and self-reliance as well as hosting a series of socially distanced group rides and rallies to promote an open and inclusive community and a way into cycling as a social activity. This calendar will include Car Free Day and Bike to Work Day.

For more information about Brompton Bicycle, please visit https://us.brompton.com/.

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About Brompton

Built upon a mission to change the way we live within our cities, Brompton Bicycle manufactures foldable bikes that provide riders with a more efficient, sustainable transportation alternative. Founded in London in 1975, the Brompton foldable bike breaks down to the size of a lightweight, compact package in just a few seconds and combines with other forms of transit to speed up a commute. In 2018, the brand also introduced its first line of e-bikes, Brompton Electric, recognized as both the most lightweight and the most compact foldable e-bike on the market. Now the largest bike manufacturer in the United Kingdom, every Brompton is still made in London and the brand boasts 15 Brompton Junction flagship stores around the world.  For more information, please visit us.brompton.com.