bluerub partners with Professional Triathlete Angela Naeth

October 23, 2020

Natural body care company, bluerub, signs Naeth, and IRACELIKEAGIRL sponsorship.

Loveland, CO: Today, bluerub, a natural body care company for all athletes, announced a new partnership with world-class triathlete Angela Naeth, and the organization she founded, IRACELIKEAGIRL. This partnership supports and encourages women of all ages and abilities to enter and compete in triathlons.

“We are delighted and humbled to partner with Angela,” says Dave Veldhuizen, bluerub CEO. “She’s such an inspiring leader who uses her experience, determination, and success at the finish line to advocate for women and girls. And that’s something we, at bluerub, are fully behind.”

“Chafing and saddle sores will take out an athlete, so I look for products that let me keep training and performing my best,” says Naeth. “But I also want products with ingredients that are good for my skin. bluerub’s products are.”

In 2017, Naeth founded iracelikeagirl (IRLAG) a women’s endurance community across the United States. They are focused on providing an opportunity for women of all ages/abilities to support, encourage, and inspire one another in the sport of triathlon and all endurance sports. They are a team of women – new to seasoned veterans.

IRACELIKEAGIRL also fields an Under 18 youth team, an empowering community for girls 6-18 years of age involved in triathlon, cycling, swimming, and running.

“IRLAG is a phenomenal team of women all across the country, who strive every day to bring their best to the sport of triathlon,” says Veldhuizen. “They inspire each other and provide critical role models for young girls to get moving and engage in sports of all kinds, regardless of ability and experience. And frankly, they inspire us to bring the best products we can to this amazing community.”

With this partnership, IRLAG participants will get:

  • bluerub products to use in training and racing;
  • Invited to participate in new product development activities so they can help shape the products they need;
  • Coaching and training on how to use anti-friction and recovery products for training and peak performance.

About bluerub: bluerub is a Colorado-based company creating natural body care products for all athletes. With a focus on clean, non-toxic ingredients, bluerub formulates natural anti-friction and recovery products that offer real options from traditional synthetic and petroleum-based products. Bluerub is meeting athlete’s expectations and transforming how athletes perform, protect, and recover.

About Angela Naeth: Naeth is a Canadian triathlete with numerous successes including winning the North American Ironman National Championships May 16 at The Woodlands, Texas.[1] ,She has 19 70.3 titles to her name, 36 podiums, 5+ podium IM, and 3 full Ironman wins – all under 9 hours. She is the founder of the largest global all women’s endurance team: IRACELIKEAGIRL www.iracelikeagirl.com, and endurance coach.

On October 13, 2018, Angela finished in 8th place at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i in a time of 8:57:34[2] She was diagnosed with Lyme in early 2018, and has been an advocate and world-class competitor while treating the illness.

A physical therapist by trade, Naeth holds a master’s degree in physical therapy and a bachelor’s degree in health science. Before becoming a professional triathlete in 2008, she worked as a pediatric and orthopedic physiotherapist.

For more information about this partnership, Angela Naeth, or IRACELIKEAGIRL, please contact us at val@bluerub.com