Bivo Partners with Burlington, Vt. based Local Motion for inaugural Bivo Fund Allocation

March 30, 2022

RICHMOND, Vt. /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Bivo, the Vermont based stainless steel cycling bottle manufacturer is thrilled to announce that the inaugural donation from the Bivo Fund has been made, going to Local Motion, a nonprofit advocate for walking, biking, and rolling in Vermont.

Bivo donates 1% of all sales both direct to consumer and wholesale to the Bivo Fund and contributes an additional 1% of all sales made by Bivo Pledgers, both individuals and wholesale partners who have signed the pledge. At the end of each year, the total amount of money contributed to the fund is donated to a non-profit partner, or multiple, working in the sustainability or cycling space.

“Moving to Vermont was a big deal for us as a family and a business,” says Bivo co-founder Carina Hamel. “We wanted to thank the community for such a warm welcome and integrate ourselves further into a community we are absolutely falling in love with.”

Rather than choosing a specific initiative within Local Motion to fund, Bivo decided to allow the organization leeway in allocating the donation where they decide it will have the most impact.

“We are grateful to Bivo for their support and will apply the funding to the programs where it will have the greatest impact for both organizations including our safety educational outreach, the  bike ferry, and our Bike Smart school programs,” stated Karen Yacos, Local Motion Executive Director.

Bivo is excited to continue contributing to the Bivo Fund and supporting non-profit organizations in 2022 and beyond. “We believe that supporting great work by nonprofits is an important part of running a business,” remarks Hamel. “We’re looking forward to continuing our relationships locally, as well as expanding regionally and nationally in our donations as the fund continues to grow.”

For more information visit drinkbivo.com or contact Danny Kuzio at dk@pressforwardpr.com.

About Bivo

Bivo launched their signature product, the Bivo One in late 2020 and the larger Bivo Duo in 2021. The bottle, which was developed with input from a former NASA engineer, features a unique flow system that allows users to empty the contents faster than a traditional plastic water bottle can be squeezed to empty. Since the vessel is made from stainless steel it is mold resistant, offers a cleaner taste and is free from any of the chemicals found in plastic bottles.

About Local Motion

Local Motion’s mission is to make it safe, accessible, and fun for everyone to bike, walk, and roll in Vermont. Our vision is that more people will walk, bike, and roll in Vermont for recreation and transportation, improving their health while benefiting local communities and the environment.