Bikerumor founder launches Content Marketing Newsletter for Outdoor Brands

November 11, 2020

Quick, weekly tips for brands, publishers and content marketers targeting the outdoor, active lifestyle consumer.

Key Points:

  • Bikerumor founder launches weekly content marketing newsletter
  • Informed by 20+ years experience in marketing, publishing & product development
  • Cycling & outdoor industry specific concepts
  • Real world examples and big ideas brands can use immediately
  • Pro Tips from top content marketing experts
  • Join here: https://sendfox.com/bitesizecontent

Greensboro, NC – Aimed at brands, digital publishers and content marketers looking to reach the active, outdoor consumer, Bikerumor’s founder has launched Bite Size Content Strategy newsletter.

The weekly email newsletter draws upon founder Tyler Benedict’s 20+ years of advertising, marketing, content creation, product development, and publishing experience to offer practical advice and ideas on how to create more compelling content.

“What separates Bite Size Content from the glut of branding and marketing advice floating around the web is it’s based on real world experience and proven results,” says Benedict.

“And I’m coming at it from the publisher’s point of view, too.”

Benedict says most branding and marketing advice comes from marketers, so it’s only looking at it from one side.

“As soon as you send that piece of content or press release to the media, it’s 100% in their hands what they do with it,” he says. “Wouldn’t it be better if you also knew how to work with the media to increase the reach of your marketing message?”

After years of honing Bikerumor’s editorial options, paid content packages and brand consulting, Benedict says he’s cracked the code of effective, ethical paid editorial and content marketing. He adds, though, that not every project has to be paid, that brands and marketers can often bring value in other ways that is mutually beneficial to the media, creating a win-win.

“What I showcase, with a mix of big ideas and relevant examples, is how to think beyond a standard blog post, social media update, or press release,” says Benedict.

“There’s simply so much more that can be done to get better results, and I put a super quick, entertaining mix of ideas into every Thursday’s newsletter.”

Benedict adds that many of the stories and examples come from the cycling and outdoor industry.

“I know so many cycling and outdoor brands are small, with their marketing person wearing multiple hats,” he says. “No one has time to dig through the rabbit hole of internet advice, so I curate the ideas along with a ‘Pro Tip’ from a top content marketing expert all in one quick, easy-to-read email.”

You can sign up for the Bite Size Content Strategy newsletter here as well as read past issues: https://sendfox.com/bitesizecontent



Tyler Benedict