Bikeflights Announces 2024 Brand Ambassadors

March 8, 2024

Program supports 32 individual cyclists and two teams

PORTLAND, OR (March 8, 2024) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Bikeflights, a bicycle shipping service trusted by riders worldwide, is pleased to introduce its roster of 2024 Brand Ambassadors and Sponsored Teams.

“What Bikeflights offers is hugely helpful in managing logistics, reducing stress and saving time and money for Ambassadors who are shipping their bikes or traveling the globe for races and events,” said Bikeflights Marketing Associate Kerry Werner, a former Bikeflights Ambassador who now coordinates Bikeflights’ Ambassador Program. “Given my own experience, I’m especially excited to welcome 32 individuals and two teams to represent Bikeflights this season.”

Veteran Bikeflights Ambassador and pro gravel and mountain bike racer Alexey Vermeulen said, “Bikeflights is one of those companies that saves the day multiple times a year for me. Whether shipping bikes to race destinations for smoother travel or sending bike parts to friends, I am never worried about anything because the process is so simple. I’m proud to have been a Bikeflights ambassador for the past five years!”

First-time Bikeflights Ambassador and Life Time Grand Prix Series Contender Deanna Mayles said, “I love Bikeflights because they make my life easier! Travel is stressful enough without the hassle of lugging your bike through the airport and hoping it arrives to your destination. I am able to plan ahead with Bikeflights and pack my bike and equipment a few days beforehand, so on my big travel day, all I have to worry about is me. No hassle, no rush, and I can track it all the way to my destination.”

Maxxis Factory Racing Team Owner and Manager Drew Esherick said, “ I’m constantly moving team equipment and personnel around the country. Bikeflights makes it easy to book and pay for shipments, whether it’s across the country or around the globe. Our team trusts Bikeflights for our shipping.”

Maxxis Factory Racing and the Bear National Team are both returning sponsored teams in Bikeflights’ Ambassador Program.

Launched nine years ago in 2015, the Bikeflights Brand Ambassador program continues to make it easy for Ambassadors to ship their bikes, wheels and gear, whether they are traveling with their bikes or shipping bike-related gear they’ve just sold online. In exchange, Brand Ambassadors help spread the word about Bikeflights.

“I’m thrilled to share my love for Bikeflights!” said returning Ambassador Tina Beecham. “This game changer has transformed my cycling adventures. Seamless, cost-effective and eco-friendly, Bikeflights ensures my bike arrives safely, letting me focus on the joy of the ride.”

“Bikeflights is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way I’ve ever shipped my bike,” said Bear National Team Rider Thatcher Naeve. “The service is unmatched, and I always feel safe shipping my bike with Bikeflights.”

New Bikeflights Brand Ambassador Paula Gil Echevarría said, “Bikeflights is a great way of transporting bikes. I like the fact that I don’t need to worry about the way my bike is treated in the airplane and through security checkpoints. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the bike will conveniently show up at my destination.”

“We’re proud that our Ambassador Program includes riders of all ages, types and levels of experience, from grassroots to pro,” said Werner. “We support Ambassadors of different races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders and locations, whether they love to ride bikes on roads, gravel, trails, velodromes or bike paths.”

Collegiate racer Emmett Culp said, “As a track cyclist, I am often traveling with two bikes, spare wheels and a lot of extra gear that can make getting to races expensive and exhausting. Bikeflights solves all of that by providing easy, affordable and fast shipping for my bikes and gear. Thanks to Bikeflights, I can show up on race day more recovered from travel and with all of my equipment ready to go.”

“Bikeflights has created the easiest way to ship your bike,” said individual Ambassador Sarah Bowman. “From packing to tracking to delivery, Bikeflights has thought of it all so you don’t have to. Once I drop off my bike, I know it’s in great hands and can’t wait to see my bike on the other end.”

Expect to see Bikeflights Brand Ambassadors in action at national caliber events like the Sea Otter Classic, SBT Gravel, the Gran Fondo National Series and the Chequamegon MTB Festival as well as many more events in their local communities and beyond. You’ll also often see them out pedaling on their favorite local roads and trails.


  • Afrodesia McCannon (New York, NY)
  • Alexey Vermeulen (Boulder, CO)
  • Alexi Ramirez (Greenville, SC)
  • An-Mei Ellisor (Durango, CO)
  • Ashton Lambie (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Caleb Swartz (Missoula, MT)
  • Chris Mehlman (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Curtis White (Beverly, MA)
  • Deanna Mayles (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Diana Hildebrand (Cleavland, OH)
  • Emmett Culp (New York, NY)
  • Enzo Moscarella (New York, NY)
  • Jess Brunson (Washington DC)
  • Justin Hanneken (Fort Meyers, FL)
  • Kecia L. McCullough (Rochester, NY)
  • Kelly Jones (Palm Beach, FL)
  • Kyle Trudeau (Tucson, AZ)
  • Lindsey Richter and Ladies AllRide (Bend. OR)
  • Lisa Gillespie (New York, NY)
  • Liza Rachetto (Boise, ID)
  • Madison Maloney (Hudson, NY)
  • Maria Doering (Atlanta, GA)
  • Martin Jones (Denver, CO)
  • Paula Gil Echevarría (Portland, OR)
  • Ricardo Recinos (Harrisonburg, VA)
  • Sam Coyle (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  • Sara Lim (Seattle, WA)
  • Sarah Bowman (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sierra Sims (Hendersonville, NC)
  • Starla Teddergreen (Longmont, CO)
  • Tina Beecham (Cibolo, TX)
  • Truong Nguyen (Seattle, WA)


  • Bear Development Team (including Riders: Robbie Day, Cayden Parker, Jack Spranger, Carson Hampton, Lasse Konecny, Toby Hassett, Brady White, Raulito Gutierrez, Ian Brown, Landen Stovall, Ruth Holcomb, Bailey Cioppa, Makena Kellerman, Kellie Harrington, Chloe Fraser, Nico Konecny, Luke Mosteller, Ben Bravman, River Valdez, Maddex Thiel, Vida Lopez de San Roman, Andie Aagard, Mike Ziomek, Preston Ronck, Rowan Nistal, Brynn Aagard, Aida Linton, Kira Mullins, Nathan Dutton, Miles Mattern, Oliver Welcker, George Frazier, Tyler Lambert, Leo Gutierrez, Thatcher Naeve, Bayli McSpadden, Ingrid McElroy; and Team Managers & Staff: Julia Violich, Jason Jablonski, Julie Young, Julien Petit, Eric Fostvedt and Dylan Anderson)
  • Maxxis Factory Racing Team (including Riders: Andrew L’Esperance, Sean Fincham and Eva Poidevin; and Team Manager Drew Esherick)

The Bikeflights Brand Ambassador program is full for 2024. Applications will be accepted for 2025 starting sometime in October 2024. Stay tuned to Bikeflights e-newsletter, social media and blog for details about when and how to sign up.

For more information about Bikeflights.com’s 2024 Brand Ambassadors, visit Bikeflights.com/ambassadors. To get started shipping your bike, go to Bikeflights.com. To stay up to date on all Bikeflights happenings, follow our blog at Blog.Bikeflights.com.


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