BibRave Announces Winners of The BibRave 100 for 2020

December 3, 2020

The Definitive List of the Best Races in America celebrates the Best Races of the Decade.

Portland, OR – BibRave, the running industry leader in grassroots digital marketing, announced the winners of the 4th edition of The BibRave 100: A Definitive List of the Best Races in America. In light of all the cancellations related to the pandemic, the 2020 list is a “A Decade in Review,” highlighting the best races of the last 10 years and giving events some much-needed good news to highlight and promote. BibRave revealed the final results from The BibRave 100, including the Top Five Marathons, the Top Five Half Marathons, the Top Five Races of 10 Miles or Less, and other non-distance categories.

[And the winners are…]

 Runners voted the Flying Pig Marathon as The Best Marathon of the Decade! This world-class event climbed to the top of The BibRave 100 in 2019 and held onto that lead to be named the #1 Marathon in America across the last ten years. Runners praised this “detail-obsessed” event that embraces its adorable pig theme in every way possible. Not surprisingly, the event also earned a spot in the Best Themed Races category. The Flying Pig Marathon’s dedication to the planet as well as its runners also earned this race a coveted Green Lion Award, which recognizes innovators in sustainability.

In the Half Marathon category, runners voted the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon as The Best Half Marathon of the Decade! The TD Beach to Beacon 10K catapulted to the top of The BibRave 100 to take home the top spot as the Best 10 Miles or Less Race of the Decade.

The BibRave 100 also included several new categories for 2020 to highlight the cream of the racing crop, including Best Relay Race, Best Race-cation, Toughest Race, Best Bites & Bevvies and, of course – Best Virtual Race Experience.

The full results, including all of the top distance category finishers can be found at www.TheBibRave100.com.

All races on The BibRave 100 received a digital award badge to add to their website, signifying that their race has been listed as one of “The Best Races in America.” Recipients also received a digital press kit, which included publication templates, social media verbiage, and suggestions for fun ways to showcase and share their inclusion on the list across social networks.

“2020 has been short on celebrations but The BibRave 100 is a perfect reminder of the joy and value that races have brought to our lives over the last decade,” said Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave. “We’re proud to shine a light on these events as we all look ahead to the return to racing.”

About BibRave:

BibRave works with races and brands to help them engage with runners and ultimately drive more sales and registrations. Through their large network of running bloggers (BibRave Pros), their popular Twitter event (#BibChat), The BibRave Podcast (Apple, Android, or Spotify), and creative custom content programs, BibRave helps endurance brands and races go beyond simple advertising and truly connect with more runners.

The company’s consumer-facing product is a race review site where runners can learn about a race before signing up, and leave feedback after the event.