BibBoards Sponsors Tomorrows Champions

August 19, 2021

The company has announced sponsorship of the 40th Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classics.

BibBoards, the company that has reinvented the efficiency and convenience of athletes` presentation through their innovative bibSNAPS, has announced another step towards making sports events more available, safe, and comfortable for athletes and their supporters.

BibBoards will act as one of the 40th Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classics sponsors scheduled for Friday, September 17th, and Saturday, September 18th, 2021. The company will provide athletes with products meant to eliminate such outdated attributes as safety pins from the whole industry of athletic competitions.

Although BibBoard’s is already know in the athletic community for supporting numerous significant events, the upcoming sponsorship is unique.

Hosting over 14,000 participants from over 400 schools, Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classics is one of the most significant events for young athletes – the future of American High-Performance Sports and the U.S. Olympics.

While safety pins are widely known for being hazardous and dangerous for athletes, not to mention their performance sportswear, the matter appears most sensitive when talking about young athletes.

Moreover, safety pins cause harm to the sports facilities themselves, damaging the track coating and grass surface once they fall off and get stuck in it. It inevitably leads to additional expenditure and time to pick them up for the organizations that hold events.

“We welcome the opportunity to introduce BibBoards products to the coaches and participants. Eliminating safety pins at the running events saves money, makes racing more safe and convenient, and saves damage and wear and tear on the uniforms,” – says George Vargas, the Race Director.

This year, the Silver Lake Sports Complex hosts the Woodbridge Classic. It is an advanced facility with a 100-meter-wide starting line, a 400-meter-long straight away start, and a well-manicured grass surface. BibBoards products guarantee that organizers and volunteers won’t have to inspect that advanced space searching for fallen safety pins and preventing athlete trauma and damage to the facility terrain.

Above all, BibBoard products provide peace of mind to the young athletes” parents, ensuring that their children will be safe from painful and potentially dangerous trauma often caused by safety pins. Moreover, they protect the athletes` sportswear from wear and tear where the number is supposed to be attached.

BibSNAPS prevent sportswear spoilage, which helps parents save money on the equipment for their young athletes. Moreover, the fact that the sports apparel will serve longer will make the whole industry more eco-friendly and sustainable.

BibBoards sees its mission in providing solutions that would make the endurance world a safer place and preserve it for future generations. Their products offer alternatives that allow us to reject outdated and hazardous items like safety pins and replace them with goods manufactured, used, and disposed according to modern safety and environmental standards.

“We see it as these young adults will never know the old safety pin existed just like they do not remember a VCR or payphone,” said Brian Goodell, the founder of BibBoards.

At the same time, bibSNAPS provide numerous customization options, which can be worn multiple times and at any position that is comfortable or most expressive considering the athlete’s needs, performance, or uniform peculiarities.

“We know the kids love to express themselves. Mom and dad do not like putting holes in the apparel they just bought from the school either, so this is a win-win for all,” says Brian Goodell.

The company plans to continue supporting various events and the athletic community, aiming to raise the bar of the sports apparel, equipment, and accessories for everyone, making the industry an engine of mindful, sustainable, and healthier living for all.