BibBoards Reaches Mega Milestone Helping Over 1,000 Races in Three Years

April 6, 2021

BibBoards Reaches Mega Milestone Helping Over 1,000 Races in Three Years

Earlier today, it was revealed that BibBoards INC reached a remarkable milestone as records showed that the company had provided bib fasteners for endurance sports participants in over 1000 races across since 2017. The company reached this milestone in the pre-pandemic era, and it simply tells that they have been in 1,000 racing events in the past three years. In the same spirit of celebration, the company is delighted about hitting over 15,000 five-star reviews with a customer base of over 200,000 customers.

“We see more and more environmentally conscious events and those that attend them are keen to helping the cause,” said Brian Goodell, CEO of BibBoards INC.

Supporting noble causes and promoting community spirit is one of BibBoards visions, which is why they have achieved this huge success within a very short time. Thousands of users testify to their products’ simplicity and effectiveness and how it encourages participation and engagement among runners.

“Everyone LOVED them. We had a runner say that they wished everyone gave them the bib fasteners and others who said they would never go back to pins again,” said Maria Dripps-Poulson Race Director Kaneland.org.

BibBoards bib fasteners are becoming a major part of races in different parts of the world. Runners love them because they are easy to use and do not damage the clothing. They are also customizable. Brands supporting races can place their logo, emblem, or message on it. Charity organizations, schools, NGOs, and private institutions all over the world make use of the highly functional bib fasteners that are available in different colors. Some people have started collecting these bib fasteners as hobbies, while others preserve them for historical purposes.

To ensure efficient delivery of orders, BibBoards utilizes a print-on-demand procedure using the latest printing equipment and tools. Each customer is treated with special attention to understand their specific needs and provide them a customized solution that brings results and print and ship in two days like Amazon Prime.

BibBoards promises to continue providing solutions that will improve participant experience at racing events. They are available for collaborations and partnerships and provide education on the best ways to use their products to create and execute a successful event.

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BibBoards INC designs and sells products that improve self-expression. Their main product is the bib fasteners for runners, which provides a safe and environmentally friendly way to participate in a race. They’re also branching into producing safety products for better living.

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