BibBoards Introduces Custom Shoe Charms, Elevating Race Day Swag for Event-Goers

July 13, 2023

Race Day Swag Keepsake for as low as $.39

BibBoards Launches Custom Shoe Charms, Enabling Race Goers to Personalize Their Race Day Swag

San Ramon, 7/13/2023 – /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – BibBoards, a leading provider of innovative event bib fasteners, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product: custom shoe charms. Designed specifically for race goers, these customizable charms offer a unique way for participants to personalize their race day swag and carry the memories of their races wherever they go.

Race events have always been about more than just the physical challenge; they’re about the experience and the sense of accomplishment. With BibBoards’ custom shoe charms, race goers can now elevate that experience by adding a touch of personalization and style to their race day gear. These charming accessories can be customized with event logos, race dates, participant names, or any design that captures the spirit of the event.

“We’re excited to introduce our custom shoe charms to the endurance community as they are popular once again,” says Brian Goodell, CEO of BibBoards. “We understand the importance of race day swag and the desire for participants to have something unique that represents their race experience. Our custom shoe charms provide that opportunity, allowing runners to showcase their individuality and commemorate their achievements.”

Another advantage of BibBoards’ custom shoe charms is their affordability. With custom prices starting as low as $0.39 cents per charm, race organizers can offer these unique swag items without breaking their budget. This makes them a cost-effective choice for races of all sizes, from local charity runs to major marathons.

“We wanted to make sure our custom shoe charms were accessible to all race organizers, regardless of their budget,” explains Goodell. “We believe that every race goer should have the opportunity to take home a personalized memento that represents their dedication and accomplishment”.

To order custom shoe charms for a race event, organizers can easily submit their designs or logos to BibBoards’ dedicated team of experts. From there, the team will work closely with the organizers to ensure the design meets their specifications. Once approved, the custom shoe charms are produced promptly, allowing organizers to have them in hand for distribution on race day.

BibBoards’ custom shoe charms have already gained recognition and popularity among race goers. Early adopters have praised the unique customization options, the high quality of the charms, and the joy they bring in commemorating their race experiences. With the ability to personalize shoe charms, runners can proudly display their achievements and share their race day stories with others.

For race organizers looking to provide participants with a standout swag item that represents their race experience, BibBoards’ custom shoe charms are a perfect fit. Whether it’s a marathon, half-marathon, 5K, or any other race event, these charms offer a meaningful and memorable keepsake that connects runners to their achievements and the race community.

For more information about BibBoards and their custom shoe charms, please visit [https://bibboards.com/] or contact Sam at Custom@BibBoards.com.

About BibBoards: BibBoards is a leading provider of innovative race day accessories. Their products, including race bib fasteners and now custom shoe charms, are designed to enhance the race day experience for runners and race organizers alike. With a commitment to quality, customization, and affordability, BibBoards continues to bring creative solutions to the racing community.